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Pakistani Police!!!

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    Pakistani Police!!!


    Pakistan, pakistani people and pakistani POLICE put these things in your own perspectives!

    Rishwat-khori in pakistani police: bad or good? How can it be stoped? Is it peoples fault who give Rishwat or Policemen who take the rishwat? Whos fault is it; I think BOTH the giver and the taker. WHY???


    Till next time***K_I_S_S***

    Nice topic

    Pakistani police aur rishwat kis ki galti hai hmmm Hakumat ki !
    Aik seepahi ki salary kitni hoti hai??? chand hazar hai na aur aisa hi haal in se upper hai. Aur yeh log 24 ghante ke molazim hote haiN, purane weapon ke saath jo chalo to haath meiN phatne ka khatrah hota hai

    Aur Mehangai seedhi Allah mian se baateiN kerti hai, to aise meiN jab aap sahi kaam karo ge to
    Ooper se phone aa sakta hai ke choR do..
    Aap ne baRooN ko mehkame ke ander bhi khush kerna hota hai..
    Ghar bhi chalana hai, jis meiN roti kapRa ke ilawa bachooN ki TALEEM bhi shamil hai (Ache school ki fee maloom hai??)
    Aur dunya dari bhi kerni hoti hai..
    Aur bachat bhi bure waqt ke liye...

    Ab koi lets say 4000,-rps meiN zindagi ki basic zarooriyaat ko poora kaise kare??

    Sure rishwat buri cheez hai, balke haram hai, aur haram se palne wali qaum ka mustaqbil kya ho ga? Lekin ham 'bakhir rehne walooN aur tanqeed kerne walooN' ne Allah ke fazal se kabhi Bhook dekhi nahiN is liye ham sahi faisla nahiN ker sakte, jo log do waqt ki roti sahi tor pe na kha sakeiN, jin ki awlad har moR pe aik nai mehroomi ka saamna kare woh log agsar haram halah ka farq bhol jaya kerte haiN

    Masle ka hal,
    Salary ko aaj ki mehengai ke hisaab se hona chahiye.
    Jaise Pak fauj ko sahooliyaat mili hui haiN aise Police ko bhi milni chahiye
    'Ooper walooN' ka amal dakhal mehdood kiya jai
    Aslah aur doosri tech. ko baqi muashre ke hisaab se hona chahiye

    Aur phir check up hota rehna chahiye
    Kis ke paas kal kya tha aur aaj kya hai ka hisaab hona chahiye (Police walooN ka)


      My GOD Sabah, this is your second post i've read in a row, you have some really good ideas. You should run for office... I like the way you think.

      As far as rishwat khori amongst the police in Pakistan, I understand, a man has to survive, and as you so cutely put it:

      "Aur Mehangai seedhi Allah mian se baateiN kerti hai"

      inflation is at ridiculous levels. What I don't understand is the torture and beatings and human rights violations that are carried out by the police, I don't think any reason is good enough to justify torture, beatings, rape, humiliation, and other atrocities.




        Yeah I agree.Most of the police officers in Pakistan are corrupt and inefficient mainly due to the poor administraive set up.They're appointed with sifarish from a so called big shot of the locality,they have poor (if any)
        educational qualifications,they are paid like ****,and are trained in the most pathetic of
        environments.So,if you want to improve the Pakistan police force you'll have to take care of all the above.For starters,enroll
        only those officers who have some decent
        educational qualifications,and train them
        in a modern state of the art academy,plus
        throw in a decent wage and benefits for those who are competent etc.

        Fear of death is a delusion
        Harbored in the breast of sages;
        He who lives a single springtime;
        Is like one who lives for ages.
        ----Khalil Jibran.


          SLM Guys

          I think Sabah forgot to mention one thing while she was so busy sympathizin with the pakistani cops.

          She forgot that the cops are so 'JAHIL' and uneducated.

          Doesnt matter what the salary is , if youre uneducated you just cant police right. I agree that the low wage is a problem but it doesnt end there.

          The problem with Pakistan and not just with the cops is that people have gotten too greedy.

          I say we need a real hard nosed dictator in Pakistan that really loves Pakistan .

          You see Pakistan is at a stage where the Prez really has to take the bull by the horn and stop strokin it gently.

          Democracy can wait but Pakistan Cant.



            Tareef ka shukriya
            Torture, beating ect ko justify nahiN kerna lekin in ki wajohaat bhi to maloom honi chahiye, I think ke do tarah ke police men aisa kerte haiN:
            Aik woh jo apni Ana aur paise ke liye toture, humiliation jaisi herkateiN kerte haiN
            Aur aik jinheiN ooper se khum milta hai
            Pehle walooN ko police meiN hona hi nahiN chahiye, aur doosri qism ko bachane ke liye ooper se safai ki zaroorat hai

            Allstar jee yaaddehani ka shukriya lekin yeh factor to Hollywood ne mention ker diya tha
            Baat sympathy ki nahiN hai insaaf ki hai, kisi bhi problem ko samajhne ke liye zaroori hai ke us ko her taraf se dekha jae, na sirf waise jaisa aap dekhna chahte haiN.
            Un logoN ki bhi problems haiN, jhinheiN mention kerna jaez hai. Aap agar samajhte haiN ke sirf education se bhook mit sakti hai, to sorry sir mujhe aap se itefaak nahiN.

            Aap ne kabhi ghor kiya ke army wale agsar itne dhaRale se kioN war etc. ke liye jaate haiN?? Shayed is liye ke unheiN yaqeen hota hai, ke un ke peeche agar halaat bohut ache na bhi hue to guzara ho jae ga, kya kisi policemen ke paas aap ne yeh yaqeen dekha hai??

            Yes cops are uneducated, lekin woh Jahil bhi haiN ya nahiN yeh alag baat hai. To is masle ka bhi hal hona chahiye na.

            Har masle ka hal Danada nahiN ho sakta, Pakistan ke 53 years meiN kitne mukhtalif qism ke leaders aae haiN soorat-e-haal kabhi bhi itni theek nahiN hui ke us pe fakher kiya ja sake.

            Aur Pakistan ko dictator ki nahiN aik Qaid ki zaroorat hai –
            Dictators bhi aae aur hawa kha ke chale gae.
            Democrate bhi aur pastiyooN meiN ghira ke chale gae – is liye ab soch samajh ke 'wish' kerna chahiye. And yes democracy jaise aaj ki duniya meiN hai, woh bhale se khabhi bhi na aae

            Baqol aap ke Pakistani log greedy ho gae haiN hmmm, I hope ke yeh aap sirf leaders aur BaRe logoN ke liye keh rahe haiN.
            Doosri soorat meiN, aap kuch is ki wazahat kereiN ge


            [This message has been edited by sabah (edited August 17, 1999).]


              Reading sabah's roman urdu is as torturous as being in custody of Pakistani police. Tossing around the blame for Pak police thriving on rishwat is simply unfair. The person who takes rishwat, and the one who gives it, are the only two responsible. Low wages or anything else arent a factor.
              The main problem with Pakistani police of course, is education. I think graduation should be a minimum requirement for that in pakistan. Other than that, the biggest problem is,lawlessless....and that on the part of the government. If the govt and politicians dont follow the law, or even engforce it, how can u expect the citizens to do so? The police dept has to cultivate some respect for itself in the eyes of the public, and they can do that by being a bit educated, polite, and helpful to the people, rather than the other way around. Giving them good weapons isnt gonna solve the problem. THere are lots of advanced countries whre police dont carry weapons. And as for wages, there are so many departments in Pakistan, with qualified employees, who are payed on the same scale as a police wala. The police routinely use their position to get money from innocent motorists, young couples walking around without a nikahnama, and elders who dont know how to fight back.
              I think the police needs to be revamped frmo top to bottom.


                They have more power than they should have and less salary than they need.

                Allah Hu Akbar


                  Keep putting your bright ideas guys i ll put mine in 36 hours inshallah!


                  Till next time***K_I_S_S***


                    Dear Sabah!

                    Try English. That may be less strainful on all of us. We know your Urdu is exeptionaly good.

                    I said similar things about my experience in Pakistan, in another topic, and Sabah refuted them whemently. Now he/she is trying to join us. Welcome aboard, I wont put you down.

                    In my opinion, the Pakistani police must be made to pray five times a day baa'jama'at. The thanidar must be Imam. This wont put any financial strains on the so much fragile treasury and may do some good on the morals of these cops.


                      Baykhatr dear
                      Baat kuch yooN hai…oooops english haan…you see there is difference between highlighting a problem and ‘koshish’ to give some suggestions for its improvement and simple criticism just to get a chance to say ‘something’as I thought you where doing.
                      I must admit that I did not read all replies here, but I did read yours. I’ve noticed that whenever someone tries to talk about problems that PK is facing today, people start telling negative stories about PK – to accomplish what haaN???
                      May adha ana dear… If you want to talk about PK’s current situation - good, but plz try to do something for it na, PK needs you and us and vise versa. And if you can’t do anything then plz show some respect

                      Akif jee sorry for that – maiN ne jaan bhooj ke nahiN kiya
                      So Low wage is not a problem hmmm aha dear next time jab aap PK ko visit keriN ge then try spending a whole month in 2000-3000 rps and plz do share your experiences with us

                      btw Main personal hone ki koshish nahiN ker rahi - just want you to see my point I guess



                        Ok guys I think Only 2 factors are actually most responsible for police in corruption.

                        1. Police officers have little or NO education. Result of less education is less PAY, then result of that is riswat khori to make ends meat!!!(And that is not just for police men, it goes for high ranking officals. High ranks like Nawaz sharif, and recently in sialkot, someone was elected as education minister or something but the guy didnt know how to sign his name.)

                        2. Pakistani people are the other result of police rishwat khori. Yes we are! We dont like justice, we can hit or kill someone but we dont want anything happen to us and we ll do anything to save our selves even give police money. Lets say you shot someone and the person is not killed but injured, now you have to save the guy who fired the gun. You will go to the police and offer them large sum of money they take it and you go free. Then there is other side to it people who have connection to the high ranking officals, if you do, then your saved you dont give money but you give them a call and the person in jail for shooting someone is free. Its the people who are jahil and uneducated. In pakistan the educated ones are driving taxi and uneducated ones make rules for taxi. If pakistani people start thinking from the brain in thire head(i hope there is) we wont have problems like today. *I know im going from the police to people but they do connect or have some link between them as far as justice is concerned*
                        Do you guys know that every robbery that happens in pakistan police has the information of it, yes yes yes! Few months back there was robbery in my village in pakistan and after a week or two they gave money to the police that they help find the criminals and the next day the police knew where the criminals live and everything.

                        I think we should change our thinking and way of handling justice and try to live in bad times of our lives when our love ones are in jail for shooting someone. We should change our selves and our people so they may know the difference between educated and uneducated.

                        Sabah please i requested many times before, try to write english, we might all learn something!!! Occasional urdu is ok but the whole reply is urdu and its hard to read some of us need alot more time to read urdu then english. SO please be helpfull here!!!


                        Till next time***K_I_S_S***


                          Excellent discussion!
                          One of the best threads in this section. Thanks to all that have participated.


                            Sabah ..
                            i dont need to try...i am a living example of one who has lived, and survived on a meagre income in pakistan. I come from a large family, that lived on one source of income for a very long time, yes, it was around the area of Rs. 3000. and my father managed to get us all educated in that, provide us shelter in that, get my sisters married in that, and then pass away without reaping the benefits of all that. And im not saying all this to instill any sympathy, which i dont need at all. Its just an example to show where there is a will, there is a way. People in Pakistan dont care much for selflessness. And when people dont care, u tend to stop caring too. Why would i waste my resources, energy and money on someone who doesnt have respect for what im doing for them? In anycase, back to the topic of police, when a police wala takes rishwat, he and only he is responsible for taking it. When a teenager places a bomb in a parking lot, he and only he is responsible for that. When he smokes drugs, he is responsible for it. Too often we discard all realities and shift the blame for everything on the muaashara and such. Lets start taking charge of our own lives.


                              Pak police does not only know about most of the robbery cases they also know about shoplifters, kidnappers, murderer, or any other hangama for that matter. You see if you know that arresting, say a qatil, will only result in you being transferred to another place or personal humiliation, then you’ll think twice before you do anything, but that does not justify their actions I know. But I’d dare to say that a lot of this kind of problems could be solved if Pak police didn’t have to obey orders from so many stupid ministers.
                              Education is as big factor, a ’jahil’ is always easier to manipulate then a paRha likha

                              I think we should change our thinking and way of handling justice and try to live in bad times of our lives when our love ones are in jail for shooting someone. We should change our selves and our people so they may know the difference between educated and uneducated.
                              Hmmm so only awareness of the difference between educated and uneducated is enough, I don’t think so, people need to SEE the benefits of education. I’ve heard so many people saying ’ PaRh ke kya kerna hai, shanakhti card banwa ke bakhir chale jaeiN ge aur paRhe likhooN se ziyadah kamaeiN ge’. And those who do want an education most of the time they can’t afford it.

                              Pakistani people do want justice its just too expensive for some people most of the times.

                              Akif jee I just got back from Pakistan, and +/-3000 are just not enough, but yeah insaan chahe to kuch bhi ker sakta hai.

                              I’m not trying to blame anything, muaashra ya aur kuch, all I’m trying to say is things are connected to each other, you can’t just talk about one side of things, if you are seeking for a solution that is.
                              I don’t now what it sounds like to you but I’m not trying to say that it’s not there fault or anything. All I wanna say is, if we want to see them being100% loyal to their jobs, then first we have to see if their basic needs are being covered, if not then help them, only then you are free to judge them.

                              Let me ask you one question, why is Pak Army not as corrupt as rest of Pak ’muashra’/Pak police?

                              Why would I waste my resources, energy and money on someone who doesn’t have respect for what I’m doing for them?
                              I’m so thankful to Allah swt and Pak heroes for not thinking that way. Why do you need people to respect you, aur woh bhi for something you would do for ’haqooq-ul-ibaad’??

                              Btw. Jaawan jee I think my last post was in english, thats what my english teacher told me, but she could be wrong na...