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    Siyaasi inqilaab sey pehlay, Ruhani inqilaab zaroori hai
    If we can preach thru religious modes of education..sensibaly that is, i think the thinking can be changed.


      How can that be the factor; when we are all divided among religious issues. Everyone is following thire own ancesters religions and not what is in quran or hadith. Now the questions comes up; how can we bring unity in religious issues in pakistan and its religious sects?


      Till next time***K_I_S_S***


        As an Indian and resident of South Asia, I am concerned that NRPs (Non- Resident Pakistanis) like Baykhatr have such low opinion about their homeland. The fact that they had the opportunity to leave Pakistan to seek dollars elsewhere does not give them any right to make such degrading judgements of their countrymen. It also does not absolve them of the responsiblity for what Pakistan is today. I thing "deshis" in America should stop playing "civilized" in this forum.If u can't solve a problem don't rake it up.You can have your green cards, develop that stupid accent , call yourself "Yankees" and feel content.Pakistan can do without you.


          I think religion differences b/w the Muslim sects IS the biggest factor also...illitracy. If we can increase the educational level...we can solve alot of problems. What we need is another thinker like Iqbal. But maybe that's hoping for too much. Atleast we can relive his teachings, can't we?


            Some1 thank you

            Baykhatr jee ham bhi abhi abhi hi PK se aae haiN aur kam se kam Lahore ya Islamabad air port aisi koi Wardaat hamare saath to nahiN hui, normaly theek thak kism ke log kaam ker rahe hote haiN sahi andaaz meiN, waise khote sike kahaN nahiN hote. btw. aisi 'harkat' agar aap ke saath Paris ya London etc meiN hui hoti to??
            Galti ko point out zaroor kerna chahiye lekin sahi andaaz meiN plz


              HSHTSA jee

              '...If we can increase the educational level...' hmmm kaise??

              Mere khayaal meiN education level increase kerne meiN kam se kam 2 problems haiN..

              Aik to jo paRhna chahte haiN un ke paas wasael nahiN hote - Asan hal : Gov. poora kare

              Doosre awaam meiN paRhne ki lagan marti jaa rahi hai, ab log 'Bakhir' ja ke dishwashing kerna ziyadah pasand kerte haiN, kisi school ya uni. meiN paRhane se mugable meiN
              Is ki aik wajah to ham 'bakhir' wale bhi haiN jo yahaN ghis jaate haiN kaam ker ker ke aur wahaN ja ke lambi lambi choRte haiN.
              Doosri paRhe likhoN ko job nahiN milti aur izat bhi pehle jaisi nahiN, to aise halaat meiN, mulk meiN taleem ko aam kerna aasan nahiN, lekin namumkin bhi nahiN.

              And aap meiN se woh log jo keh rahe haiN ke ham ab PK ke liye kuch kerna chahte haiN, to plz apni haisiyat ke mutabik kisi Khandan/aik bache ka bojh utheiN, kisi ko taleem dilwa deiN etc. Aap ka farz kisi khad tak poora ho jae ga aur kisi ka bhala ho jae ga - aur agar nahiN ker sakte kuch bhi to tanqeed kerne ka haq nahiN hai aap ko!


                Sabah, you're so right, I'm so very impressed by your ideas. I wish there were more people like you around who actually admit that there are problems with the country and propose different solutions rather than pretend that the land of the pure is as pure as it can get.

                Thank you.



                  Nice and bit improving ideas…

                  Bit of surprise from “some1”positive thought about Pakistan. And I do agree with his comments.
                  Baykhatr: I seen so many of like u……and always advise them Get F**k if u don’t like Pakistan.

                  Sabah jee u hv nice ideas and very positive approach, and its true most of us want to see Pakistan as good as other develop countries but as Jaawan Said enough talk need to do something PHYSICALLY.

                  So, let promise ourselves when ever v go back to Pakistan for short or long visit v will do right thing and instead of criticize v will do something PHYSICALLY to improve Pakistan.
                  Pakistan Zindabad