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Corrupt Ppl Draining out Rep!!

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    Corrupt Ppl Draining out Rep!!

    Within the BBC Urdu Service Page, there was a question/ answer commentary which basically went as:

    A pakistani man made a trip from U.A.E. to Pakistan. He was travelling on a bus w/in Peshawar; there was a guard checkpoint. The officers searched all the passengers, including that certain man. They found 50 - 70 Emirate riyals in his pockets (ealier, there it was a law in Pakistan not to carry a large amount of international currency, if you had some, then exchange it to the gov't. I'm not too sure if that law still does slightly exists, i'll have to get back to you on that bit).
    Carrying on, the guards informed the man that he had broken the law and you have to now pay the fine of 2000 rupees (as a bribery to get by) and give us (the authorities) this arab currency.

    The man said no, i can't for he had to catch a flight to Karachi the next day and he would've have needed the money. Khair, luckily he got by the guards and ended up only paying them 500 rupees and the janaab went his own way...

    He wrote a letter to the Urdu BBC Service, saying, why/how did they do this. He was answered, "OUt of the 500 rupees, half of it ends up for the officer in command"


    Another event....

    Maybe 40 yrs back or so, a young man (at the time was young) and his driver were driving in the car, close to Khairpoor. Actually, they were driving in a very very rural area, where the closest house would be 20 km away. They stopped, and the driver was pouring gasoline into the car, it was too dark and to avoid spilling the fuel onto the floor, he brought the lantern closer. He did that, and the fuel vapours created a combustion - burning the driver. The young man (in the meantime was in the car); realized what happend and instantly brought the driver into the car and this man drove to the closest hospital.
    1/2 an hour later, they did get to the hospital/clinic, the chokidar was there and not the doctor. The young man told the chokidar to get the doctor instantly for somebody was going through tormenting pain of being burnt....once the doctor got there, he informed the 2 that inorder to treat (this EMERGENCY), you need to pay me 20 rupees initially.

    (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Think about it! In the case of an Emergency, the doctor is asking for the pay of the treatement and THEN he will treat the patient. It wouldn't have made a difference if the doctor was well off or not, for he would still get his monthly pay. Anywayz, the money was given at the spot and thank god, the driver was treated.


    Now this one realllly upset me, UNited Nations took a survey on the most dishonest countries in teh world, #1 - Nigeria

    #2 - Pakistan.

    Now that is sad, so sad.
    Even the Western countries aren't there, why? i figure because, the authorities offer $ as a reward to catch the bad folks who committed the crime .
    Whereas, both in Nigeria and Pakistan, there is (i realize that there are some non-muslims reading this but i have to make my point come across) a LARGE muslim population. Mr. Qaid-e-Azam initially made Pakistan mainly as a nation for muslims, where non-muslims were still welcome to reside in but they would still have to abide by Pakistani laws which were based on the Shariah law. Why is Pakistan the 2nd most Dishonest countrY!??!!! Muslims as individuals need to use their conscious for their own benefit!

    Ofcourse, we're all patriotic, i know i am. I'm proud as anything but i want the country itself to improve...why isn't it improving? Why can't the pakistanis (why is it so hard) improve their own character and morals. We all say, Pakistan is so corrupt, blah blah. If you want to get over the big things, you have to first get over the small things. Unfortunately, some Pakistanis find it even difficult to get over the small things on the way of their thinking.

    LIke i said, this is sad, muslims in Pakistan, should have morals NOT TO be dishonest!


    Kohal it seems to me that reality has suddenly hit you. Truth of the matter is, Pakistans are way worse than what youve written above.
    Im a Pakistani , whether im patriotic i just dont know.
    What i do know is that pakistanis are greedy, corrupt, complicated and often times plain mean. I guess most of you reading this will probably now conclude that i definitely am not patriotic.

    The only reason why Pakistan is still running is ISLAM. Their still exist some good muslims. Can you imagine what Pakistan would be like if the main religion was Christianity.


      No man, Pakistan's reality...i've always known. Just the last bit, on how Pakistan is almost at top of the list for being one of the dishonest countries around. YOu'd just figure....duhhh, this Islamic ruling country totally forbids such a thing of cheating/lawbreaking/blahblah. Anywayz, things are bad there;
      although like you said, it could've been worse....if the mulk was run by another religion i suppose...



        I agree with all of you.