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pakistan army rapes in bangladesh

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    pakistan army rapes in bangladesh

    Read this article by a Paki ( Fashion Model I Believe). This article was posted on PNS under-South Asian and International Affair.

    Ilove pakistan and am an ardent follower of islam. I have spent many years touring pakistan and have visited
    most of the provinces. I discovered that Pak is a great nation with many faults. Before we go out and point
    fingers at other countries-India let us do some soul searching. As pakistanis are we perfect. There is so much
    crime and corruption in our own country. What rights do we have. I think we have the worst record of human
    rights violation and unfortunately that too at the hands of our own people. We as women know what treatment
    does society mete out on us. I was almost always harrased in college and on streets being unfortunately slightly
    more modern looking. More women are being raped in pak than in Kashmir. Ours is a male chauvinist society where
    male treat females as slave and commodity. Even our courts do not consider women as human. Why not bringup
    this issue on this forum. You seem to be worried and loosing sleeps on women being raped in Kashmir-what about
    own sisters and mothers in pakistan. I can give you true statistics that more women are raped in Pakistan by our
    own people than that in kashmir. Come out you two brave sisters and save us.
    Now we have all been harping on India not conducting plebicite in Kashmir. You say that people have the right to
    chose and no poer can deny them independence. Why not first start with Sindh. If a plebiscite was conducted
    Sindh would be a seperate country. and what about mujahirs. Why was Bangladesh created. It is a known fact
    that more women were raped in Bangladesh (confirmed by leading organizations) by our soldiers than ever
    recorded in modern history. Why are we mum on these issues.
    Dont mistake me as one hating pakistan. I am very proud of being a **** and love it from the core of my heart
    but that does not stop ones conciousness from accepting and speaking truth.

    I recently read about a little girl from Pakistan being treated in Madras. The kind of love and care that was given
    to this family forced them to say that the treatment they got in India was far better than Pakistan. Why did no
    one bring up that issue on this forum. This just shows that we are not matured enough to live with dignity but
    only with hatred and vengeance. Indians are not our enemy. We need to find for ourselves what is wrong with
    us. Many top positions in India have been and are being held by muslims. Most muslims in India re more happy,
    free and prosperous in India than our country. a simple commonsense will tell you that if they our muslim brethen
    did not enjoy this freedom and prosperity in Indai they would have migrated to pakistan-the so called promised
    land of muslims. But they do not. They have seen the fate of mojahirs over the past 50 years. Shame what havw
    we done to ourselves.
    Fighting for and focussing our energy on Kashmir is not a solution. We have abig hole in our own boat and we are
    sinking. Instaed of patching up this hole we are all standing on the deck and shouting Kashmir Kashmir. What can
    winning back Kashmir give us except to help inflate our false egoes. Also why do you think that Kashmir will be
    with us. What have we to offer them- economic disaster as our is our case, more rape of women in streets, men
    being killed by police force from punjab, corruption what. Trust me no body wants to be friend to a beggar and
    diplomatically isolated state. First lets improve ourselves, improve our society and economy and then talk
    Kashmir. As for many of our pak brothers and sisters who think that the rich muslim nations will come to our
    rescue, keep dreaming. Nobody parts of with her money just in the name of religion. If these were the case
    Pakistan and bangladesh would be very rich. As a fact do we know how pakistanis are treated in these rich arab
    countries-as third class citizens, laborers. What has happened to Afghanistan. The only money that pours into
    afghanistan from our rich arab brothers is to fuel more fighting.A clear case is that Osama Bin Laden with his
    billions of dollars is being sheltered by Afghanistan. If he decides to spend that money for the improvement of
    Afghanistan, it will soon be a rich and stable country. But this is only a fairy tale. Osama Bin Laden is spending
    this money to create more instability in the name of religion. Wake up. It is still not too late. Pakistan is a great
    nation with lot of problems. Lets work to make it a better and clean society. Kashmir is not the Band-aid to heal
    our wounds. Work towards a better society or bear the shame of being on the verge of being declared a terrorist
    nation. Brothers and sisters please come forward with good intentions. Responsibility is own our soldiers.

    Many pakis get extremely sententious when it comes to Kashmir but they should look at themselves and then preach. i read recently in teh Herald that the refuggee camps in "Azad" kashmir are deplorable. shows how much pakis care for their so called bretheren!



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