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Pakistanis and Usaamah ibn Ladin...

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    Pakistanis and Usaamah ibn Ladin...

    Mujaahid Usaamah ibn Ladin, who helped to defeat the USSR in Afghanistan, and left a billion dollar inheritance and luxurious lifestyle to live and fight in one of the poorest countries on earth, and who forsook all life's luxuries for the path of Allah, and who has repeatedly denied anything to do, with the Embassy bombings [and the USA have no proof],...what is the general opinion of Pakistanis about this man? [And Indians I guess as iss forum par kaafi hain!]

    Myself, I admire a lot of what he does, and I support his jihad against the US soldiers on Arabistan but I DO NOT THINK THAT ISLAM ALLOWS THE TARGETING OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS; soldiers, yes, but everyday Yankees..I think that is where he has been misinformed by someone...but I think he should get involved in the Kashmiri jihad against the hindu oppression of the indian army...

    Charity begins at home. If he were so concerned about oppressed muslims, why didn't he blow up the house of saud first? After all they are real chumchas of uncle sam, and have been leading a very un-islamic lifestyle as the rulers of his country.
    I don't think he's denied bombing the embassy. In any case, he openly vowed to kill 1000 US civilians for every muslim terrorist killed. That's bad enough. And he never gave up all his luxury, he's got three wives. Why would a saint need even one wife?
    He should stop this violence business and use his billions for the upliftment of the poor.As you told, he's fighting in one of the poorest countries. Fighting! His stay in Afghanistan shows that he wants to convert every country into a Taliban-like mess. Nothing heroic, merely a fanatic dream.

    >against the hindu oppression of the Indian Army<

    Congratz on having packed "hindu" into that sentence. Show's your attitude.
    Simple ain't easy.


      I think he has some point. The US forces have not left Saudi after gulf war and there is no reason for them to continue there. If I was Saudi, I would be upset about it and Osama is.

      His role in Kashmir has to do with his hosts. Taliban is afterall a puppet govt. of pakistan and to continue their support he has to do something for Pakis. Recently it was reported that he is trying to get plutonium. now a man living in different mud hut every night can not enrich plutonium. so that must be for paki nuclear program. pak is using him for getting money under policy of 'engagement'. but if he proves expensive, he faces the same fate as kansi and others whom pak exported when their use was over.


        Ossamah bin ladin hmmmm...USA worked with him on font lines when fighting with communists in afghan war and suddenly he is a terrorist and is a threat to the USA comeon. USA is making him like when something doesnt have any use after years of using they want to get rid of him somehow. I think USA should pack up and leave from Soudia arabia, No reason to stay there. Iraq is really in deep waters now and if iraq tries to do something again, on gauri missile will hit and bomb Iraq is gone.(i hope) Islam doesnt allow killing of civilions and innocent people NO!!!


        Till next time***K_I_S_S***