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16 Pak Air Force Personell Killed

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    16 Pak Air Force Personell Killed

    16 Die As Plane Shot Down by India

    KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) - Indian fighter planes shot down a Pakistani
    surveillance aircraft today. Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz said 16 servicemen were killed.

    Both of the nuclear-armed neighbors claimed the plane was shot down in
    their territory.

    The French-built Atlantic-I aircraft was on a training mission when it was shot down near a small
    coastal town, Aziz said. ``Pakistan reserves the right to make an appropriate response in
    self-defense,'' he said.

    Aziz said wreckage of the aircraft was found a mile inside Pakistani territory.

    India, however, said the aircraft was shot down after intruding into Indian airspace and failing to
    respond to warnings. Indian helicopters reached the site of the crash in the Rann of Kutch, a desert
    near the border with Pakistan, said Squadron Leader R.K. Dhingra.

    The crash came a few weeks after India and Pakistan came to the brink of another war over
    disputed Kashmir. They have fought three previous wars since gaining independence from Britain in
    1947, two over Kashmir.

    Aziz described the attack as a violation of Pakistani airspace, calling it a ``blatant and unprovoked
    act of military aggression against an unarmed aircraft.''

    Yet an Indian air force statement said its planes scrambled to intercept the plane after it was detected
    by radar on the ground. Air force officials said on condition of anonymity that the Pakistani plane was
    in Indian airspace for 15 minutes.

    The jet fighters signaled that the plane should land at an Indian air base, but the Pakistani pilot ``acted
    in a hostile manner'' by turning his aircraft toward the Indian jet, the statement said.

    The MiG-21 opened fire, hitting the Pakistani plane in the right engine, the statement said. Indian
    helicopters found the wreckage a mile south of the Pakistani border, near Kori Creek in Gujarat
    state. India had no immediate information on casualties.

    The Atlantic I is a twin-engine, propeller-driven plane used by naval forces in Europe and Pakistan
    for aerial reconnaissance, anti-submarine operations and to intercept radio signals. The 100-foot-long
    plane is similar in appearance to a cargo plane, but with a long, tapering tail section that holds special
    antennas and looks similar to the U.S. Navy's P-3 Orion. Its standard crew is 12.

    India said Pakistan routinely violates Indian airspace in that area, and claimed eight intrusions from
    May to July.

    This year, India fought an 11-week undeclared war with what it described as Pakistani army troops
    in Indian-held territory.

    Pakistan denied its soldiers were involved and said all the fighters were Kashmiri militants.

    I think at this stage we should all pray for the familes of these Shaheeds. May Allah grant them eternal peace.

    Since the cowards of IAF lost two planes and helicopter in actual combat in Kargil they were desperate to get revenge. Therefore keeping in line with their "brave" traditions they downed an unarmed plane and now the whole nation will celebrate and talk about these brave hijraas. To call IAF pathetic is too high a praise for them. They are a bunch of monkeys, who only pounce on unarmed planes, just like their rapists and murdering counterparts in the army who show great bravery when facing unarmed women and children of Kashmir.


      Mr Ehsan
      Shut up and we are not hijrass if you don't know then spend a day with me and you will know it that we are not hijrass. And to the admini... of this site "you can delete this message as well as you have done in the past but first stop Ehsan calling other ppl as Enuch.


        Tch Tch I thought I had bestowed a great honour on your army by calling them a bunch of hijraas because that is exactly what they are? TRUTH HURTS.



          Not to mention the fact that the cowards ran for their lives when they saw the Pakistan army officers preparing to open fire from the ground on their pathetic helicopters.

          Fear of death is a delusion
          Harbored in the breast of sages;
          He who lives a single springtime;
          Is like one who lives for ages.
          ----Khalil Jibran.


            What can we do? Absolutly NOTHING! stop wasting your time!!! India has done it before did it again and will do it again we will just sit and watch and get angry and put posts just like this one on site like this one NOTHING is gonna happen Relax!!!


            Till next time***K_I_S_S***

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              Sataj Aziz:So what if we intruded.....We could not have done anything to fighter jets.

              Sataj is a MORON....Spy planes are not used for attacking jets. Everybody knows that. So what he means is we allow the "spy plane" to fly all the way to Bombay just becuase it can cause no harm to the Indian fighter jets.
              NUT OF THE CENTURY...I am frustrated with the kind of logic an eminent person in Pakistan is using. I SEE NO HOPE


                For once I agree with an Indian, Sartaj Aziz is a moron, that's why he is the foreign minister. The reason for this is that our brainless PM wants to surround himself with morons in order that no one can challenge his authority. If anyone like Gohar Ayub does emerge he is quickly shifted sideways.


                  pakistan clims that the plane was on an training mission. Why would they train so close to the border and over disputed territory?


                    Yeah I agree with Jawaan. And stop calling each other names like 5 year old kids.


                      hi! indian bros
                      howz going . well ! you know . I guess you do n't , but your GOVT does . F-16's have been rstored . The pak_china venture is ready to kick off and you have seen blistas and stingers already . Thats why you can n't do any thing . Iam sorry for those 16 shaheeds and for you guys as well . so basically your at the verge of a big disaster . I am only worried about my countries economy
                      so shut the good talks up

                      One Day I want to grow up, but not today please.............
                      For I am the Keeper of the Keys to the Lost



                        The Navy planes usually take that route during training exercises for officers who are about to be posted in that area.From what I know,12 of those on board were trainees, and the pilot was an experienced commander who would never have gone into Indian Air Space by mistake,let alone attempting to turn towards the Indian M.I.G21 in a hostile manner.Thats pure bull****.No Commander would go into a suicide mission by playing chicken in an un armed plane with a M.I.G.
                        The indian claims are laughable but like the people above have written,dur to our moron foreign minister,everyone in the world is ignoring the reality of the situation.


                          By pakistani claims the debris fell 2 kms inside the border of Pakistan. Now WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD "TRAINING" MISSION FLY so close to the border??? by saying this Pak is implying that it also flouted the 1991 treaty that says that planes wont fly 10 kms near the international Border in that area..
                          now either the pak admin. is full of morons who dont tell their pilots abt. such agreements or they did it on purpose.
                          The pak plane was probably on a reconnaisance mission and it got shot down by the "hijras" of the indian army.


                            Regardless of who is at fault, the fact is that 16 people died. It should be embarrassing for both India and Pakistan that they cannot find a political solution to their border dispute. 52 years of underdevelopment has only served one lesson to both India and Pakistan: kill the innocents. Meanwhile both brag about their nuclear capability. Can't even feed their people and talk about military superiority. In addition, religion has added fuel to the fire of ignorance and intolerance in both lands. My heartiest 'Commiseration' to both Indians and Pakistanis on their 52nd year of incivility and backwardness. I am glad to be living in a civilized and peaceful land.



                              Ny Ahmadi

                              Stay there and dont come back.Pakistan does not need people like you anyway.Which is not to say that we need morons like Sartaj Aziz either,but at least they're MAN ENOUGH to stay in their own country and not go "running to a country' where(whatever their current status may be)they will always remain SECOND CLASS CITIZENS.Pakistan needs good,decent leadership.We dont have it right now but eventually we will.Inshallah.