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Ptv banned in india AGAIN

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    Ptv banned in india AGAIN

    India has banned Ptv again.After the Kargil situation became more stable,they lifyed the ban but now in delhi they have once again banned ptv.Pathetic!And they call themselves a free country.We in Pakistan get all this indian propoganda on our air waves but we're not so narrow minded or immature that we go around banning indian chanells.

    Fear of death is a delusion
    Harbored in the breast of sages;
    He who lives a single springtime;
    Is like one who lives for ages.
    ----Khalil Jibran.

    This is absolute nonsense. Nobody believes PTV, including Pakis, and India is trying to make it a forbidden fruit and increase its nuisance value. Banning "Dawn" during the war was equally idiotic (funnily, criticism in "Dawn" on Kargiol misadventure was more harsh than any Indian newspaper. but the guys who banned it never took pains to read it.)