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Can this generation deliver?

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    Can this generation deliver?

    Hello to all.

    Like many who post to this board, I too have had the opportunity to have the best of everything, from education to a healthy environment to live in and prosper. While I am, today, many thousands of miles from Pakistan, I yearn to go back one day - and contribute to the growth and development of my Pakistan and its peoples.

    I know many young Pakistanis, some have moved here and some are just here for education and have yet to see in the hearts of many the desire to go back to Pakistan to help it grow. There are always arguments of how little most of the educated can do to change our ways and improve living conditions. Some of these are the very people who abide by every law in the foreign land that they are in - but when they return they revert to their old and autocratic ways.

    All I want to ask to those who choose to read this message is that - how many are willing to take a step in the right direction (regardless of them being children of our feudals and so on)for the collective betterment of our people?

    I want to see what my fellow people think in their minds of the duties of our generation as the leaders of tomorrow.

    Thank you

    Hi honourable

    I totally agree with your viewpoint.
    I was born & bred in the UK,
    But my heart is still Pakistani !!

    Willing to help you in any way possible ...

    Pakistan Zindabad ..


      Dear Honourable,

      Just have one question. You said "I yearn to go back one day", in what capacity you want to go back and serve the country? Will you be willing to work on a salary of Rs.10,000/month etc etc.

      Beacuse people make big claims and when the time comes they just run away because they are always comparing what they left back in their 2nd country.

      No hard feelings, but this is what i actually know.


        First of all JAK Love of country or love of anything conquers all no matter how big the money or how little the price it conquers ALL!!!
        Honorable its good to see someone who has same wishes/plans for our country as I or most of us here. i am in new york city and things here with pakistanis are getting worst every year but thats part of who we are, but do you think the generation living in west could do something better for pakistan, a generation who doesnt wana go back to that country(they go there and come back sick, they go there and come back robbed and without no money) a generation who is stuck in western culture, are they our delivers, seems very unbelieveble!


        Till next time***K_I_S_S***


          To JAK....

          Not all people who go back make only Rs 10000/- and run away when they see how little the returns are.

          My point was that a lot of people here are previledged - esp those who are children of our legendary feudal system. No matter what we think these people are important since they are the ones who can help break the feudal trend and I was interested in seeing if any of those people would respond.

          At the same time there are many things that can be done in Pakistan as we are growing. The only problem is that a lot of us are not interested in the lifestyle anymore. I can assure you that all those who go back do not make Rs 10000/-. I know that if I want to go back now, I have a plan that will help me be successful in Pakistan. My goal is to find out if enough people of my generation are willing to make a short term sacrifice for our long term success



            You can make money in Pakistan,but you have to be able to swallow your pride and suck up to all sorts of morons if you want to get ahead.Which is why its better working abroad where you get what you deserve through hard work and dedication .

            I walked beside the evening sea;
            And dreamed a dream;that could not be;
            The waves that plunged along the shore;
            Said only-
            "Dreamer,dream no more".


              I also yearn to go back to Pakistan one day and be part of making it a better country. I will not mind lower pay, or the hardships, but If I am going to go I want to make sure I take along enough capital with me to make it. Enough to open a factory or business. I however shudder to think of the corruption prevalent back home. If that is taken care of along with the law and order situtation put to rest permanently, Many will be willing to move back....


                So now may be you get my point. Everyone is willing to go back provided such and such conditions are there or such and such problems are taken care of. But usually these problems / conditions are the one because of which most of us has left the country in first place.

                The elite/influential people you are talking about, probabaly will never find one to answer your question honestly because no one in the world gives up priviledges willingly. And if some one says yes among that group, this means NO to all the priviledges, which I dont think is going to happen, whether old or new generation. Its same.


                  Great to see, all of you yearning to go back to Pakistan.While in Pakistan, do anything u like for whatever salary but please do not intrude into India.


                    Great Dream, but its only possible if v all honestly understand our responsibilities.

                    When v live abroad v try to live under law and order but when v go back to Pakistan most of us do not care about law and order and make excuse that no one following law.

                    So my dear friends, if u want to do some thing good for Pakistan, do not stop yourself because u r alone, u put your fair share of responsibility and its my promise, u will find many like yourself.

                    Inshahallah, Allah will help us to do right thing for Pakistan and Islam. (Amin)