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Pakistan reiterates 'One China' policy

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    Pakistan reiterates 'One China' policy

    PM reiterates 'One-China' policy : NNI
    ISLAMABAD - Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
    has reiterated Pakistan's supported "One China"
    policy, saying that "this is our principled stand". In his
    letter addressed to Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji this
    week, Sharif said, "we firmly believe that Taiwan is and
    will remain an inalienable part of China and that it
    should return to the motherland." "No country has the
    right to interfere in the internal affairs of China by
    encouraging Taiwan to assume sovereign statehood,"
    said the prime minister. Referring to the latest
    statement by Taiwan leader Lee Teng Hui that relations
    between Taiwan and the mainland should be treated on
    "state-to-state" basis, Nawaz said, Pakistan has been
    shocked by this "untenable statement which seeks to
    give the impression that Taiwan is a separate state.
    "We condemn this statement," said Nawaz.

    Pakistan stands in full support and solidarity with
    China's principled position on the Taiwan issue and the
    aspirations of the Chinese people, the PM said. He
    said, "China had justifiably reacted to the Taiwanese
    statement which we consider as highly irresponsible
    and in defiance of the will of the Chinese people."
    "Chinese sovereignty and territory are indivisible,"
    Nawaz said, adding that the Pakistani government and
    people reiterate "the unqualified endorsement and
    support to the One China policy." Pakistan hopes China would also 'One Pakistan ' policy which includes Indian administered Kashmir.

    Why Pak does not support 'the right of self determination' of taiwan, Tibet and Ughur?