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Pakistan Army holds Key Peaks on Kashmir Border:

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    Pakistan Army holds Key Peaks on Kashmir Border:

    Pakistan Army holds Key Peaks on Kashmir Border

    LAHORE, July 26: The Pakistan Army still holds key peaks in the Kargil sector on its side of the Line of Control (LoC) which
    divides the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, a Pakistani military spokesman said. "Contrary to Indian claims, we hold
    strategic heights on our side of LoC and remain fully prepared to meet any Indian challenge," Brigadier Rashid Qureshi told
    Kargil area witnessed the heaviest clashes during the 10-week military confrontation that ended after mujahideen heeding to
    Pakistani persuasion withdrew from peaks they had seized in the Indian zone of Kashmir. Qureshi said the disengagement of the
    mujahideen, had been completed by July 17.
    Mujahideen organizations have however claimed their men were still battling Indian forces in Kargil and India has reported
    continuing clashes with remnants of intruders in the area. Updating estimates of casualties during the conflict the spokesman said 267
    Pakistani troops were killed, 204 injured and 24 were missing. He claimed India suffered the loss of 2,000 troops, with an equal
    number injured. He also mentioned that the Indians had also lost five fighter jets and five helicopters.