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Indian Army to post citation on Pak Army Captain's bravery

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    Indian Army to post citation on Pak Army Captain's bravery

    Indian Army to post citation on Pak Army Captain's bravery

    The Indian Army here is contemplating writing to their counterparts across the border about the bravery of a young Pakistan Army Captain who fought valiantly in the Drass sub-sector before being killed.
    Captain Kamal Sher of Delta Company of 12 Northern Light Infantry (NLI), won the respect of Indian officers defending the Tiger Hill feature and the adjoining hills, with his raw courage and brilliant attack. Officers of both, the 18 Grenadiers and 8 Sikh, watched the brave Pakistani Captain lead a counter attack to recapture the feature on the western spur of Tiger Hills on July 7.

    ``He was very courageous. After a fierce battle, we had recovered the Tiger Hills on July 4 and for the next four days, were gradually advancing to recover other features -- the Helmet, India Gate and Rhino Horn. Soon after the soldiers of 8 Sikh recovered the feature on July 7 around 8 am, Captain Kamal Sher with just a handful of Pakistani soldiers, launched a swift counter attack,'' said an officer of the 8 Sikh,liberal in his appreciation.

    ``It was suicidal for Sher to launch the attack in broad daylight because we could see his movements. Yet in the highest of military traditions, he launched the attack. It is a disgrace for any army to be evicted from a post and he wanted to save Pakistani army from that disgrace,'' the officer said.

    Such was the ferocity of his attack that 8 Sikhs had to be reinforced by a platoon of 18 Grenadier. The Pakistan counter attack was beaten back and 15 of their soldiers were killed. While other Pakistani soldiers tried to run away under the onslaught of Indian guns, Captain Sher rallied around his men, encouraging them to fight on.

    The Indian side too suffered casualties but the determined Sikhs beat back this assault too. At least 10 more Pakistani soldiers were killed. Sher fought till the end till a hail of bullets snuffed life out of him. Even as he fell, his finger was curled around his gun.

    ``We are a professional Army and respect another professional soldier, even if heis from the enemy side. And we would feel happy if a soldier like him gets recognition for his bravery,'' said the Sikh soldier. His Grenadier counterpart echoed him.

    In fact, it is not unprecedented. After the 1971 war, Lt Col B P Airy, then the Commanding Officer of 3 Grenadiers beat back seven counter attacks by the Pakistani Army. The seventh and the last attack was launched by the Commanding Officer of the Pakistani unit, who fought like a tiger. Col Airy, who later retired as Lt General in the Army saw the gallantry of his Pakistani adversary.

    The Pakistani officer was killed. When the bodies were being exchanged, Col Airy, on a plain piece of paper, wrote out a citation for the dead Pakistani Army Colonel and gave it to the Pakistani officer who came to receive the body. Later the Pakistani Colonel was decorated with Pakistan's highest gallantry award. ``We hope that young Captain Sher also gets his due even though posthumously,'' the Grenadier officer added.

    Here in the Drass sub-sector,officers realise that they may not be able to communicate officially with Pakistan. Therefore, the citation is being written, again on a plain piece of paper, to be posted to Pakistan. ``After all, a brave soldier deserves to be recognised,'' the Army here feels.

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    I hope Nawaz comes out of the nonsense of 'mujahideen theory' and gives awards and medals to the soldiers and officers died in carrying out the misadventure started by him and publically go and meet their widows.


      ZZ he did. D-oh.


        What is the matter with you people. do you think he become shaheed just for this little medal. no Of course not. the only reason is becoz he had iman (some thing you haven't got) taqwah. the best thing we can ever do for him is to do duah & prayer to Allah to except his Sacrifice. i am sure that this is what he would have wanted. and i am sure his widow would be happy with our duah then some useless medal..

        may Allah except his Sacrifice and grant him with paradise.
        ameen sumah ameen....


          Mr. Bash, why not enrol yourself to an English teaching school for a change !!!



            What do
            "iman " and "taqwah" mean?