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? 4 GR_Bush or anyone rogue nations

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    ? 4 GR_Bush or anyone rogue nations

    In your thread in the religion talked about "rouge Islamic nation"?

    " Gr_Bush Junior Member posted July 10, 1999 08:55 PM
    Yeah it sure does. Just like IRAQ/IRAN and all the other rouge Islamic nations!!"

    I'm assuming you meant rogue.
    Could you define exactly what that is?

    Rogue means 'to uproot and destroy'. Islamic nations are nations where majority of the population is muslim. I don't think I have to produce the list. I hope you are reading the news everyday and all the troubles associated with countries: Indonesia to Algeria.


      Understood....and thanks GB.

      I was under the impression that rogue nations also enjoyed being independent of the 'great powers' (America).


        Check the entire link

        Rogue States By Noam Chomsky

        The concept "rogue state" is highly nuanced. The U.S. does not fall into the category despite its terrorist attacks against Cuba for close to 40 years.

        The concept of "rogue state" plays a pre-eminent role today in policy planning and analysis. The current Iraq crisis is only the latest example. Washington and London declared Iraq a "rogue state," a threat to its neighbors and to the entire world, an "outlaw nation" led by a reincarnation of Hitler who must be contained by the guardians of world order, the United States and its British "junior partner," to adopt the term ruefully employed by the British foreign office half a century ago.


          Nations are hoping that 'rog badh kar dava na ho jaye.'



            Sure USA and west plays politics. The question you need to ask is why only islamic nations are at the receiving end ?? In last 10 years all countries except one (Serbia) bombed by USA/west were islamic. I wonder why muslims are fighthing with every other group in the world. Not to mention all the sectarian wars.


              Most people see things from their own point of view or situation.

              If you call me rogue than its your problem. I do what I have to do coz I am:

              Fata Morgana



                Simple!!! The western media is controlled by jews and thier biggest enemies have been muslims, hence the histeria against muslims. Isn't it hypocritical that when jews murder Palestinians they are protecting themselves, but when the Palestinians retaliate they are terrorists. As for the rogue nations, if you are fighting a war for USA (i.e. Iraq fighting Iran) you are great, when the same Iraq turns against USA they are rogue. Remember one men's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Depends on which side of the line you are. Don't get taken in by the media. Tommorrow you could be the rogue nation if you don't agree with their policies or do as they say.


                  Countries like Iran and Iraq suppress their own people like many other islamic countries. They are very trigger happy and are quick to engage in wars even at the expense of their nation's economy. The west has been playing the game for a very long long time. It is upto the people in the islamic world, particularly in the middle-east, to play the game in their favor.

                  I could go on and on...unfortunately I don't expect much change in another 50 years. By then middle-east might be back in time 600 A.D.