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    nuggets from the urdu press

    Khabrain reported public reaction to Pakistan Cricket Team's defeat at the hands of Indian Team at the World Cup on 8 June under the heading 'Jua
    (betting) wins, Team loses'. People said the team had taken bets and
    betrayed the blood of the Kashmiris and was under nahoosat (bad spell)
    after losing to Bangladesh. They said the Team had sold the madar-e-watan
    (mother country), and that batsman Salim Malik should be hanged in public.
    People broke their TV sets, some suffered heart attacks. One Haji Sardar
    of Mughalpura shaved the heads of his children in protest. People asked the
    Team not to return home after the defeat.

    According to Khabrain, famous Urdu poetess Rukhsana Nazli said she could
    have married federal labour minister Sheikh Rashid had the papers not
    revealed his secret life. She said when she asked the minister about his
    scandals he replied that papers' life was only 24 hours.

    Khabrain reported that two Indian sexy actresses Rani Mukerjee and
    Mamta Kulkarni had got in touch on the telephone with two Pakistani
    cricketers, Azhar Mehmood and Shuaib Akhtar, playing The World Cup in
    England and invited them to sexual pleasure. Both players were said to have
    accepted the invitation.

    this was for all those indians who keep quoting junk from the urdu press!even we dont pay attention to what they write because its all quit quoting from urdu press and look for more responsible papers like the news the nation and dawn.

    Good that you admit it. You seem to be a rare rational Pakistani.The Dawn , yes, is a moderate newspaper by Pakistani media standards, not so sure about the Nation.



      amusing stuff indeed. Hope what you say about Pakistanis not paying attention to such "news" is true.


      >this was for all those indians who keep quoting junk from the urdu press!<

      Who did that?
      Simple ain't easy.


        yeah.ppl in pakistan dont pay much attention to the urdu press because of the reasons you just saw.yet western press agencies and india continue to quote them just to malign pakistan!the fact is that no one here really pays any attention to them because its all junk


          I think urdu press has more readership than english press in Pak and thus is important. Just like vernacular press is important in India.