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British group calls for "Sindhudesh".

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    British group calls for "Sindhudesh".

    British group calls for 'self-determination' for Sindh

    The Pakistani lobby in London has suffered a setback when a
    group headed by several British lawmakers passed a resolution
    supporting "self-determination" for Pakistan's Sindh province.
    The group called Liberation, headed by Labor MP Jeremy
    Corbyn, also passed a resolution against the declaration of
    emergency rule in Sindh. The resolution comes at a time when
    opposition parties have been warning the Pakistani government
    that an East Pakistan-like situation is building up within Sindh.
    Leaders of both the Muttahida Qaumi Movement and the Awami
    National Party reportedly said in Pakistan's National Assembly
    that a movement was building up in Sindh similar to that in East
    Pakistan in 1971, which led to the break-up of Pakistan and the
    creation of an independent Bangladesh.

    But why is west so much placating India? Indians should think before jumping the gun.


      Benazir is supporting the cause for Sindhudesh. Being a Sindhi she would like to be the Mujibur Rehman of Sindhudesh.

      Being banned from Pakistani politics SINDHUDESH is the best option for BENAZIR. She is getting help from Iran and United States and India to create "SINDHUDESH".

      Altaf Hussain is planning to create "JINNAHPUR" out of Karachi.


        Some dreams dont come true!

        Fata Morgana


          This is what happens in the absence of leaders with islamic personality. Nationality is a curse that is strictly against Islamic teachings and look where these secular fundamentalists are taking us. To the breakup of Pakistan!

          Shame on those lowly slugs who try to promote hindudesh at the expense of solidarity with the muslims of Pakistan.

          It will make no difference in the end. If Pakistan is dismantled piece by piece the islamic movement will still be here and it will make it even harder to track down the Jihadis. Do Sindudeshis want a Lebanon scenario? Let us all spit on those enemies of Pakistan trying to divide the Ummah of Mohammed (saw) by bringing these stinking topics to the fore.


            If India wants to conter insurgency operation in the same token, India should help Sindhudesh and Karachi movements. But they are not going to make it big on their own, ever. So it becomes a nuisance for Pak but not a big deal.

            What India should concentrate is NWFP or Pakhtunawa. That region is full of people with arms and trined people. It has a huge representation in army. Any political crisis in that region will easily keep Pak occupied for 10 years if it does not split Pak. Given proximity of Afghanistan on one side will make job impossible for Pak.


              By signing a free trade zone pact with India, it could improve its economy several times of that it has now.


                Free trade already exists, due to smugglers.

                There are two ways in which Pak can be helped. a)Western nations write off the loan. But why they should do it? b)Pakistan reduces defence budget. It is unlikely.

                a), i.e. west writing off paki loans is possible. Some things have to happen for that. Osama has to be handed over, CTBT is to be signed. Maybe a flexibility on kashmir which means NATO forces getting stationed there will be required. It will work out sooner or later and Indians better keep track.