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    Upon his recent presence at the Sind High Court, Mr. Asif Zardari, has blasted Mr. Nawaz Sharif about the mishandling of Kashmir issue. He added that had it been him, he would have rather sat with Indians to resolve the issue, by asking them to Kar-Gal, meaning talk to me. How much commision?

    And re the recent Indian threats of not resorting to peace talks, depite the withdrawal of mujahadeens, unless Pakistan further humiliates herself of agreeing never to interfer again, reminds me of oxen, who if falls into a well, the handlers, take this oppertunity of castrating it as well as rescuing it.

    What a sajd e sahu, our leaders have performed in the glory of Clinton.

    But in Zardari way, Pak would have earned some foreign exchange. He would havse said "Vajapayee, u r spending 20 million dollors a day these days, 3 more months of fight means 1800 million dollors. Give me 10% 180 million dollors + 20 million dolors from your party for helping BJP win" Now he gets 200 million dollors and Pak does not have to depend on IMF loan for 3-4 months.