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Kashmir Deadline Expires, but Withdrawal Continues Peacefully[

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    Kashmir Deadline Expires, but Withdrawal Continues Peacefully[

    Kashmir Deadline Expires, but Withdrawal Continues Peacefully

    SRINAGAR, July 16: The withdrawal of Mujahideen from Indian occupied Kashmir continued peacefully today, despite the expiry of India's original
    deadline for a complete pullout. The deadline ran out at dawn, but as it became clear that the withdrawal across the border into Pakistan would require more time, Indian national security adviser Brajesh Mishra said it could be extended by "one or two days." Originally, India had warned that
    any Muslim fighters still on Indian soil after July 16 would be "treated as hostile force" and dealt with accordingly.

    Pakistan for its part denied that it had accepted any deadline in the first place. Military officials in Kashmir said that there were still pockets of
    "infiltrators" in the Drass and Mushkoh sectors, near the Line of Control (LoC) dividing Indian and Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. "But they are
    clearly packing up, and should have retreated across the LoC into Pakistan in the next couple of days," one army commander told AFP. "We are still
    very flexible," he added when asked about the expiry of the original deadline.