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"Mujahideen" display their bravey on women ,children and unarmed men.

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    "Mujahideen" display their bravey on women ,children and unarmed men.

    Yesterday, four higly armed militants of al-badr and lakshar-e-toyba had taken 12 persons,
    including women and children, as hostages in Bandipora.In the process, they shot dead a woman,
    and injured her daughter, in an act of "bravery". The good news is that they were cowards who
    could harm only unarmed people, they got shot by Indian commandos today in spite of having
    12 hostages and hand grenades. All 12 hostages were unhurt. Soldiers of allah? nay! scum of the
    earth! Proving their bravery by torturing and killing women, children, and unarmed men. All
    those who support this stuff by raising money and donations for the mujahideen are but the
    scourge of civilization.

    *The report can be verified on today's dawn.


    i didnt understand what is objectionable about this post, it is based on facts.
    Simple ain't easy.


    Here is the full article concerning the hostage situation.

    As you can see it was Indian military occupiers who were targeted by the brave mujahideen and in fact even though their own lives were in danger, they did not harm the families of the occupying forces. Such is the gallantry and true character of these brave martyrs.


    Militants gun down DIG, three others in held Valley

    By Rashid Ahmad

    HELD SRINAGAR: In a daredevil act, militants gunned down a senior officer of India's Border Security Force (BSF) along with two other officers and a lady guard at Madar village in Bandipura area on Tuesday morning. Police sources said a group of three or four militants entered the BSF family quarters in the village and gunned down Deputy Inspector General (DIG) S K Chakarvarty, Sub-Inspector Bhaskarn and two other personnel.

    The militants also took the family members of the BSF officers hostage and had occupied positions in the quarters. The incident, which was first of its kind in the 11-year-long insurgency, sent shock waves in the government and its security agencies. A large number of security forces, including the police, the BSF, the CRPF and regular troops, have laid siege to the quarters and the militants have been holed up there.

    Reports said the militants had been firing on security forces who had laid siege to the quarters, causing injuries to four other personnel. Sources said that the security forces were maintaining maximum caution and avoiding to fire directly on militants as the family members of the slain BSF officers were in their custody. All senior police and security officers were present at the scene of incident. All their appeals to the militants to release the hostages have fallen flat so far.

    The defiant mood of the militants has forced the government to send commandos to the place to rescue the BSF officers' family members. Efforts were being made to rescue the hostages till the filing of this report.

    Meanwhile, life in occupied Kashmir was paralysed after a general shutdown was announced by the All Parties Hurriyat Conference on the eve of Martyr's Day. The day is observed in honour of 22 people gunned down by the Maharaja's police on July 31, 1931, during a protest march against the Maharaja's despotic rule.

    All shops and business establishments remained closed throughout the day. Transport was also off the roads. Only some private and government vehicles were seen plying on the roads. Police arrested prominent Kashmiri leader Shabi Ahmed Shah along with six other leaders of his Democratic Freedom Party while attempting to take out a procession on the eve of Martyr's Day. However, a group of workers gave slipped through the security and and reached the martyrs graveyard, but were arrested by the police deployed there.

    BSF official Muhammad Ziaullah told reporters in New Delhi that the militants took hostage 12 members of four families, and were not allowing them to come out of their flat. External Affairs Ministry spokesman Raminder Singh Jassal said the captors "have not demanded anything, they are not negotiating. They are not just allowing the families to come out."

    Ziaullah said intercepted messages revealed that the militants belonged to a group called Al-Badr. He ruled out any negotiation or provision of safe passage for the militants to flee. The PTI said the army and the BSF had cordoned off five villages adjoining Bandipur and journalists had been stopped 5 km from the spot.


      Their targets were Indian Army ? How come they attacked a BSF camp then? That too, the residential section?

      Here's a quote from the Dawn.

      "The attackers entered the camp from the nearby mountains and attacked the constables wife."

      Gallantry? Bull! What do terrorists know about that word. If they were to release the hostages unharmed, why did they take them in the frst place?
      Simple ain't easy.


        Why didn't they shoot them then?


          Talking about bravery one should not forget the extreme "BRAVERY" the Indian army shows when they massacre women and children in Kashmir, when they bulldoze their homes -- Oh I forgot they were only killing militants, or so the Indians would have you believe.


            Evidence please! And dont tell me or some similar propaganda sites. Indian Army is accused of extreme torture measures, true, but personally, i believe terrorists deserve more. Army hasn't been killing women or children, it happens only on Pak. newspapers.


            if they start shooting hostages, of which 5 were women and another 5 were children, even Pakistani mullahs would wash hands of them.
            Simple ain't easy.