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Benazir blames Sharif for Kashmir fiasco

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    Benazir blames Sharif for Kashmir fiasco

    Peter Arnett in Exclusive Interview with Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto
    Former Prime Minister Calls for 'Open Borders' Policy for Kashmir, Criticizes Pakistan Role in Kashmir War, Cites Importance of Internet in Pakistan
    NEW YORK, July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Pakistan and India should pursue an ``Open Borders'' policy to solve the Kashmir dispute, former Pakistani Prime Minister told's Peter Arnett in an exclusive online interview. In the streaming-video conversation to be posted at Tuesday 13, July, Bhutto also talks about the critical role the internet is playing in opening up world access to her country.

    Mrs. Bhutto argues that open borders would help remove the ongoing explosive issue of land control to allow Kashmiri people from both sides to interact. She mentioned the ``open borders'' arrangement between Israel and Jordan as an example of how such a policy would work.

    If Pakistan and India fail to resolve the Kashmir situation, Mrs. Bhutto warned, ``then the international community will be sucked into the crisis.'' The Pakistan Government has ``mishandled'' the Kashmir crisis from the start, says former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, and the only way to avoid a larger war is to find a new approach to resolve the long-time impasse that has brought both nations to all-out war over Kashmir twice in the past.

    Mrs. Bhutto criticized Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for what she called ``the mishandling of the Kashmir crisis from the start.'' She said that his ``dual policy of bus diplomacy and armed struggle is like having your cake and eating it, too. And during the conflict he tried to pass the blame on to the military, causing division in the country,'' she asserted.

    Mrs. Bhutto also criticized Sharif's recent trip to confer with President Clinton on resolving the crisis. ``If he wanted to settle it, then why not in Islamabad, instead of going all the way to Washington? Any self-respecting nation would feel that if you have to withdraw, do it voluntarily rather than have someone else dictate it.''

    Mrs. Bhutto is chairman of the Pakistan Peoples' Party and is leader of the Pakistan opposition. But she complained in the interview with that the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ``treats me as a non-person. They are trying to eliminate me from politics. They have not bothered taking me into their confidence at a time when the Indian government is reaching out to the opposition parties to unite their country over the Kashmir crisis.''

    Bhutto cited her role in introducing the Internet to Pakistan despite objections from traditionalists and the importance of e-mail and online connectivity for staying in touch with her party in Pakistan. ``Thank God for the world of modern communications which I introduced in Pakistan. When we brought the email in everybody said this is going to bring in obscenity and vulgarity. Now that very email and internet is helping me.''

    Mrs. Bhutto's second term as prime minister ended in 1996 when her government was dismissed by president edict. He was charged and convicted of corruption, and her husband jailed.

    Mrs. Bhutto blames her political enemies for orchestrating her downfall. ``The mudslinging is very painful. I did what I did for my country.

    ``To be publicly accused of doing it only to line my pockets is hurtful to the extreme.'' She insists her hardcore support within Pakistan remains firm, and that the economic situation is growing worse, and along with that, public discontent. ``If free elections were held in Pakistan today my party would win,'' she asserts.

    Mrs. Bhutto says if she returned to Pakistan at this time she would be arrested. She runs the political opposition from a flat in London.

    How does she keep in touch? ``I have a very good political organization. It is a team effort. I am in touch through e-mail, the internet, the fax and the telephone. I have more time here than when I was in Pakistan, going from courtroom to courtroom to defend myself.''

    Mrs. Bhutto says her three children would rather be back in Karachi, and seeing their father.

    Mrs. Bhutto was in exile before, after her father Zulfigar Ali Bhutto was ousted from the prime ministership by the military in 1976 and executed. She returned to her country in 1986 and won election to office two years later. Thrown out by the military in 1990, she was reelected in 1993 only to be ousted again in 1996.

    Mrs. Bhutto says, ``I hope history can repeat itself. I find myself once again turning full circle, I'm again forced to be outside my country. I hope the day will come, and come soon, when I can return. I know what my country needs.''

    Both Benazir and Nawaz Sharif are leeches sucking the blood out of Pakistan. They have very healthy bank balances in Switzerland and the like, and whether they watch Indian movies or play cricket or go shopping in New York means zilch if they are looting the nation.
    Benazir should dismantle Pakistan for good and then she can watch Indian movies in peace

    Benazir has had two goes at running Pakistan and has brought the country to it's knees both times. Those who advocate her return after independent evidence that she bled Pakistan dry are enemies of the nation. They write in praise of Indian muslims who fight against their muslim brothers while their heroine Benazir sits in a palatial London home watching Indian movies.


      Benazir blames Nawaz, nawaz blames army, army blames US and China for not helping, US and China blame Nawaz for misadventure.

      You could not imagine bigger comedy.


        Let Benazir get Sindhudesh. She will govern Sindhudesh. Then Sharif can govern PUNJABI PAKISTAN . Let Altaf Hussain get JINNAHPUR.


          Let Benazir get Sindhudesh. She will govern Sindhudesh. Then Sharif can govern PUNJABI PAKISTAN . Let Altaf Hussain get JINNAHPUR.




            You are right! pakistan is heading towards a state of anarchy and will soon fall apart. I suggest all Pakistanis who can bring their relatives here to the U.S should do it soon.