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Donations for the Mujahiddeen.

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    Donations for the Mujahiddeen.

    Assalaamu 'alaikum waraHmatullaah,

    As you are all well aware there is an on-going struggle taking place in Kashmir between the Muslims and the enemies of Allaah subhaan wa ta'aala.

    The Mujahiddeen in the vallies and mountain tops of Kashmir need constant financial support. Indeed Allaah is the ultimate Provider, but as Muslims also need to make an effort for the sake of Allaah in order to help our brothers and sisters who are suffering and being persecuted and the hands of 'savage animals'.

    The following site will give you more information on donating:

    [url= [/url]

    Please be generous in donating Insha'Allaah, as it is most rewarding. Jazaak'Allaah khairun.

    kind regards,

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    Hasnain Jazak-Allah Khairun
    We also have local funds here for the Mujahideens. May Allah help the Mujahideens. Amen.


      Dear muslim friends,

      the so called "mujahideen" are a curse to humanity. Please do not encourage them in their violent deeds. They can not be fighting for Allah, because one who cannot love or even tolerate his fellow beings can never have a place in Allah's heart. Over the last 15 years, in Indian Kashmir against Kashmiri pundits(hindus) and non conformist muslims, in Afghanistan against shias and zoroastrians, in Israel against jews, in Turkey against Kurds, in Zambia against American civilians, ...the list of attempted genocides go on and on. By letting the terrorists use the name of Allah, we are allowing ourselves to be brainwashed into encouraging them. The aura of bravery is all wrong, it's just plain hatred.

      The mujahideen have already shown signs of turning against the govt structure in Pakistan, they are blinded by hatred and can easily turn into a cause for a calamity in Pakistan. Look at Afghanistan, where the mujahids proudly announce that not a single girl above 8 years of age is to be sent to school, where the mujahids conduct public amputations for petty robbery , where women get flogged in the open by these "soldiers of Allah" for accusing a "respectable" man of raping her without four male witnesses to corroborate her claim,....the mujahideen , the soldiers of Allah? no! the Scum of the Earth!

      Let's fight against terrorism, violence never solved any problems, it just sprouts a dozen more.
      Simple ain't easy.


        Tell that to the Hindu fanatic government which the "secular" people of India voted for. Correction; the HINDUS voted for.


          Guys, I have transferred the thread to Politics forum.

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            dont change the topic, mujahideen to hindu fanaticism, what a leap!
            Simple ain't easy.


              He has given the web adress. actually since every fundo organization in pak tells that it is sending money to them, u can give anyone.

              but u won't cough up money. prostitutes u r ridiculing, are better. they do what they say.


                Repeating the same abusive message (i did not say content, since there is no content in it) is considered an abuse on this forum or not?

                If u have some problems about Queer's mesages on PNS, fight it out on that forum. Why bring it here?

                What is wrong in haveing Muslim nick-name (Hindu name will anyway be de-registered after one post on PNS forum) after all Yusuph khan had named himself as Dilip Kumar and such a liar has been awarded by Pakistan govt. as sitara-e-somewhere or nishan-e-something.

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                  No personal vendettas will be tolerated here.


                    Dear Muslims:
                    Please send your donations generously to the Mujahdin, as much as you could.
                    Look at the other side of the border, every one including all of their actors, actresses, cricket players and prostitutes are collecting the donations for the Indian extremist army to kill the Muslims in the Kashmir.

                    Dear Muslims, the donation you are sending to the Mujahdin is actually for yourself.
                    If you sent any money and donation to the Mujahdin, Allah would make it easy on the day of judgment because these Mujahdin are fighting with the enemies of Islam for the sake of Allah.

                    Mr. Admin:
                    I am sorry for the mess but it was necessary to stop some one bad mouthing on the other members.
                    I promise you that I would not make mess until you keep this person (Mr. Queer) chained. If he ever bashed on any other members of this or other Forum with his this Nick (Queer) or with his other nicks, he would have to face the worst.



                      Kindly stick to participating in the forums as a member and leave the policing to the appropriate authorities.

                      Until you see the title "Moderator" or "Administrator" beneath your nick, the responsibility of ensuring anyone's "good behaviour" does not fall on your shoulders.

                      If you have a complaint....file it through the proper channels by sending us a message at [email protected]. Refrain from taking the matter into your hands.

                      Please ensure that the opportunity to warn you in this regard does not arise again. We appreciate your co-operation in the matter.


                        Dear Admin:
                        I agree with you and your Policies and I am grateful to you for giving me a chance to show the real face of this Kadyani to the People.

                        I have no Issues to solve with this Person on the PNS, the issues were started here on gupshup when this low life person (Jewels of Insignificance/Queer or any of his NICKS) started bashing on the staff and respectable members of the PNS. It did not happen on the PNS forum, It happened right here on the gupshup.
                        That is why I had to take care of him here.
                        Look at this thread, it is a simple donation appeal but according to his Kadiyani nature, this low life person jumped in and started making a big mess by bad mouthing on the Mujahdin. If he did not want to send any donation to Mujahdin, He simply could have stayed away from this thread but that is not his nature.

                        Again, if he (Jewels of Insignificance/Queer or any of his NICKS) ever again bashed on any member of this forum or the respectable members of other forums including the Mujahdin in Kashmir, He would face worst than this.

                        One more thing, Thanks for your warning and advice to ME only……



                          Too all muslims,

                          Watch this holy war as u call and see for your self who will win this fight. Paki has already lost 3 wars to india and yet to loose the 4th carry on and yeah will see what is gonna happen to the mullahs and mujs
                          there and most probably you people will convert to hinduism as you will realize that god listend to our prayers watch this and eat my words on this INDIA will be victorious.



                            I totally agree with your points.


                              who are you trying to kid long john.
                              it wasn't pakistan who lost 48 & 65 was india you dummy. it has lost another mini war a week ago. maybe you need some history lesson. please don't go to some indian teacher. they always twist the facts only to meet there desires. then come and tell me that pakistan lost 3 wars.