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why indian army should pull out of kashmir?

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    why indian army should pull out of kashmir?

    answer 1:- kashmiries don't want them there in the first place.

    answer2:- they are dieing in kashmir.

    answer3:- wast of indian resourses. they could spend that money on AIDS.....

    answer4:- if deplomacy fail then they are surely dead. becoz the mujahid's will go back in larger numbers then ever.

    answer5:-they are useless. the purpose of them being there is working.

    so the only thing they should do is to leave the army and try Tiddlywinks. they might finely get chance of winning rather then getting Humiliated. they are most likely to be usseless in that field tooooo.
    please take time to suggest something for them that they won't get mullered in.


    TM Bash,

    looks like you have a minor confusion, you are probably talking about the Pak. Army posing as mujahideen.That suits all your points really well.
    Simple ain't easy.