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pakistanis .... back stabbers...

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    pakistanis .... back stabbers...

    thats what allah would say in the present situation in kargil. how can one call the infiltrators as freedom fighter.... its a piece of s*&^

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    ahemmm ... obvious flame bait ignored again.

    Dev "ah_these_novices" Uchka.

    Getting UNeducated is better than getting RAGged - Maulana Dev Photonvi.


      Kargil is piece of land




          What is your problem?!!! Huh? Why don't you just see a shrink and sort yourself out once and for all. I'll do it for you free of charge.

          I'm not gonna waste my time in discussing the personality and traits of Pakistanis, not everyones got as much time as you on their hands, but one thing is for sure. Why doesn't INDIA GIVE kASHMIRIS THE FREEDOM THEY WANT. They wanted freedom for over 50 years now. Don't talk about Pakistanis being backstabbers. India is desperately trying to cling onto a piece of land that isn't even theirs!

          Stop thinking about India and Pakistan for just one moment. Think about the Kashmiris or is that to hard for you? For years it's been suggested that a plebiscite be held to see what the Kashmirirs want. We all know what they want which is why India keep refusung one. INDEPENEDENCE. So, tell me now who the backstabbers are.

          The amount of atrocities conducted by the Indian soldiers in the valley for the past 50 years is despicable, so don't come onto this forum like miss, mr or whatever you are, know it all. Go and check your facts and then talk.

          Kashmir is not Pakistan's and definately not India's it is simply KASHMIR and that how it should stay.

          Go back to sleep you lost soul.


            They maybe infiltrators to india but to allah they are freedom fighters and they are *&^%$# indian army soo well so far they are only ONLY few hunderd of them and army cant get over them that should be shame for you and you shouldnt speak or say anything about us because of whats happening to india a humiliation of nuclear power with only few hunderd freedom fighter shame shame shame on india and its jawans!! you fear US!!!


            (Jawan I'd appreciate it if you avoid the use of explicit language on this forum)

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              i would had like to insult u ashmir, but with ur intelligence u wouldn't get offended.


       seem to forget that this is isn't the politics forum.

                I've been watching this thread for isn't going anywhere. Unless i see actual
                discussion here...not just continued taunts, insults and inflammatory comments…I will
                close the thread.

                I suggest you look into what forums your threads are more appropriate for.

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                  ashmir as you said in the earlier posting
                  thats what allah would say in the present situation in kargil. how can one call the infiltrators as freedom fighter.... its a piece of s*&^
                  you are very much entitled to your own opinions but as you haven't given us anything to back up what you state how can i or anyone else respond?

                  i suggest you give us some solid reasons or evidence why what you say is alledgedly correct n then we can pursue the issue further

                  because as your posting stands i'm not in a position to say anything

                  allah hafiz

                  " Some people just cant find true friendship and what they think is true is just an illusion" ---Confusious

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                    Allah is not with Kashmir or Pakistan this time.

                    Fata Morgana


                      fata mrgana if u don't know let me tell u that ALLAH is with muslims all the time .if HE wasn't helping us the strugle for kashmir freedom would have died a long time ago.Pakistan would had been eaten by india.Pakistan would never be an atomic power.the freedom fighters would never be able to give indian army hard time.if ALLAH wasn't helping muslims this joke dat indian mothers tell their crying childrens to stop crying otherwise they will send them to kashmir.
                      ALLAH is always with us we just have to open our eyes and c how is HE helping us in each crisis


                        I dont think that Allah helps a corrupt and ignorant nation.

                        And the fear, eaten up by India is a state of mind. And bearing the same fear, Nawaz went to the US.

                        Solely depending on atomic arsenal is a fools idea of glory.

                        Fata Morgana


                          Let us see how scen unfolds.

                          US interest- Independent Kashmir with NATO forces in it so that it can keep eye on China, Pak, India and have a toehold on Afghanistan.

                          Indian interest - Status quo. Maybe shariat in Kashmir, and maybe harkat tchief becomes chief minister but with Kashir remaining in India.

                          Pak interest - Merger of Kashmir with Pak.

                          Chinese interest - No independent Kashmir.

                          Let us see who manages.

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                            MAY ALLAH HELP U FATA MORGANA.

                            JUST BELEIVE IN HIM AND U'LL C WAT HE DO FOR U.
                            HE always try do wats best for his beigns
                            but sometimes we don't know wat's good for us but HE knows.
                            sometimes HE teaches us a lesson so that we can come back on the true path.
                            nobody knows wat he's thinking for u and for me just believe in HIS name which means " HE KNOWS WAT HE IS DOING "


                              if you still think Allah is on pakistan's side

                              he has a wierd sense of humour