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damaging the very foundations we live in

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    damaging the very foundations we live in

    [font=Courier New]We had two heavy mandated rulers both of whom proved worst enemy of this nation. Zulfiqar Bhutto got heavy mandate and destroyed character of the labour force, industries, educational institutions, organizations like PIA, Steel Mills etc by inducting unnecessary and non required recruitments. But Nawaz Sharif who got more popular heavy mandate destroyed the very foundations of the Pakistan. Take only one example for understanding. He was a very big and real brilliant businessman. No one else than him knew well the importance of “working capital” of a business concern may that be a one room street hotel, a foundry or a Bank. Knowing well that after Ziaul Haq a new trend came that every new government coming into power dismissed the services of employees recruited by previous government on the ground they were recruited on political reason, Nawaz Sharif keeping this in view paid 5 years full salaries in advance to Banks Presidents appointed by him. This he did so in case of his government goes his favouritees may not suffer. 5 years salary in advance means pulling a lot from the working capital of the business which only a person who wants to destroy the very foundations can do. We are privatizing every national assets. Tthe issues like at what cost these assets are being sold eg. Recent Fouji Foundation Sugar Mills to one party which never participated in the tender at much less than the higher bidder is another issue, There are some other issues to be seen. The purchasers of these assets have no interest with this country. They have purchased only to invest a little and start siphoning out the earnings and in very short time because these sold projects are gold mines they would have transferred out all their capital. Then they would become East India Company. These foreign buyers are indulged in different sort of foundation digging assignment. One Shahid Loan has recently retired from Habib Bank. He is just an average skills banker. Immediately on retirement he has been taken back on a 2 years contract with salary at Rupees five lakh a month. A retiring person if is offered half of his last drawn salary would more happily work but what for these Rs. five lakh to him nobody can know expect that foundation of the banks by this looting is to be damaged. Just on a salary of Rs. 30,000 a good young banking new graduate could had been brought for more physical active work with latest professional techniques and tools than a 60 years old incapable of even stairing the Bank building, [/font]

    Re: damaging the very foundations we live in

    "damaging the very foundations we live in "

    you are right WE live in . They Dont .

    any trick they can get away with it, so small issues to be induldged by PM's directly.

    departments has never been allowed to stay indpendant and do their own business, hire or fire. what the hell govt doing to recruit new or old chaps??

    anyhow these are just small bits, how low a leader can get. one hunger for power lead him to break country and other to loot and run!
    پاکستان پاکستان