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MS.Syeda & Mr.Iman this week in Brookins

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    MS.Syeda & Mr.Iman this week in Brookins

    I'm in this hotel surfing the free internet - the tv happened on the CSPAN (or something like that) and they had Jaswant Singh (India's former FM) addressing some crowd in the US - While he spoke really slow (sometimes you felt like wanting to finish his sentence, being used to New Yorkers) but had amazing, really amazing command of of the subject (India's role in Asia) and the language (old world English)....he even impressed in how he spoke about his successor even though he lost to them.

    Anyway....this was immediately followed by the telecast of a speech and Q&A with a couple of ex-Pakistani officials - Iman I learnt is former FM and MS.Syeda who I understand is ex-diplomat. Both spoke well, with Syeda showing great command of new world language and Iman showing great passion.

    But what astounded me (I've never sat through any Indian or Pakistani politico speeches) was how down both were about future of pakistan and how vitriolic they were about musharaf. They basically said pakistan is doomed and all that musharaf has done is talk talk talk. Syeda said the military has no clue what they are doing, that musharaf is way beyond his depth and that America / Bush is being very short sighted in basing the whole strategy on one man.

    She even paid glorious complements to how India has progressed and matured and agonized that pakistan has regressed since independence.

    The part that really struck me was Syeda saying "why does everyone grouping us with countries and arabs in the middle east? we are an integral part of the India sub-continent and are capable of achieving everything India has"....

    It struck me that may be the musharaf communication machinery is doing too good a job in projecting how good they are to pakistan - the points these 2 made are important

    Re: MS.Syeda & Mr.Iman this week in Brookins

    Fakhr Iman was ex Speaker...Abida Hussein Ex Minister and US diplomat..both lost the last elections and have many grievances with Mushy..(most of them rightly)
    How can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the Temple of his Gods?