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Nadra uncovers carmakers’ unique scam

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    Nadra uncovers carmakers’ unique scam

    Nadra uncovers carmakers unique scam

    By Ansar Abbasi

    ISLAMABAD: The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has uncovered a unique scandal involving some local automobile manufacturers who rollout cars with same chassis and engine numbers.

    A senior Nadra spokesman told The News the 2003 computerisation of just 1,000 vehicles record, registered with the Islamabad excise and taxation department, has unveiled that several cars have the same chassis and engine numbers allotted already to other cars of the same make.

    When asked if a single car manufacturer is involved in this business, the spokesman said: "The set of cars with same chassis and engine numbers discovered, belong to different manufacturers."

    It is believed that the automobile industry is apparently producing more cars than what they declare to evade tax. And to show their actual production matching their declared production, it is said, sets of cars with same chassis and engine numbers are rolled out.

    A senior civil administration official in Islamabad when contacted on Tuesday said he was not aware of any such information. He said that he would counter-check the Nadras claim from the concerned authorities on Wednesday morning.

    Under the law governing car registration in the country, two vehicles could not have same engine number or chassis number. "Every car should have its own engine number as well as chassis number," an official of the Islamabad excise and taxation office said, adding that if any car has the same chassis or engine number, which is allotted to some other vehicle, it makes one of the two vehicles fictitious.

    Such fictitious vehicles, under the law, are impounded and case is registered against the owner. However, in this particular case, according to Nadra, the manufacturers allotted the same engine and chassis numbers to more than one car.

    And more interestingly the excise and taxation authorities have registered all these vehicles without knowing or simply ignoring the offence. Nadra believes the computerisation of the vehicle registration system would not only address the problem of fake registration but would also expose the hidden-production of vehicles by manufacturers.

    Nadra, which is trying for the introduction of vehicle identification and tracking system since 2003 to curb car crime including mounting car theft incidents, has planned a project under which each vehicle would be assigned a unique vehicle identity number (VIN). VIN, according to the proposal, sets each vehicle apart from the millions of others. VIN could be used to track, register and help in solving vehicle related crimes.

    Nadra proposes the car manufacturers should be made to attach VIN, produced by Nadra, to each car before its rolling out of the factory. This system, it is believed, would serve as an effective security/deterrence to the owners against thefts, car snatching and criminal activities.

    The proposal envisages that it would be mandatory for every vehicle to get VIN. Every police check post in the country, all major bridges, entry/exit points of cities/towns would be equipped with transceivers and antennas to read the details of every vehicle.


    it solve the problem why car manufacturers still say they are not making enough cars but still want govt to have ban on imports.
    and saving huge sum by rolling out two with same identity.

    smart honda and toyota in Pakistan or many others. i dont think suzuki is doing this.
    پاکستان پاکستان