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Muslim woman receives desecrated the Qur’an

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    Muslim woman receives desecrated the Qur’an

    Muslim woman receives desecrated the Quran
    Friday 27-05-2005

    Los Angeles, CA, Pakistan Link: A Muslim woman who placed an order for the Quran through "" and found profanity and religious slurs written inside the holy book on receiving it. She has asked for an apology and a full investigation by the online retailer.

    ... When she opened the Quran, Basarudin said she found profanity and the phrase "Death to all Muslims" written in thick black marker on the otherwise-blank first page.

    ... Roberts said Bellwether has since instituted a more stringent quality control check. Bellwether is also suspended indefinitely from selling Qurans through, Smith said. Bellwether apologized to Basarudin by e-mail and offered to replace the book. also apologized, reimbursed her for the Quran's cost and mailed Basarudin a gift certificate, Smith said.

    The Muslim News

    Why do the Kafir provoke the Muslims so much... they're very lucky that the Muslims have been patience so far and the Vedas is in safe hands...
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    Re: Muslim woman receives desecrated the Quran

    Wow man attitudes have really sunk to all time low. Guess it makes the racist who did this crime feel like really great ,must make them feel like a real hero