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Pakistan and India....

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    Pakistan and India....

    My main GOAL was and is,..India and about India & Pakistan,...and respecting eachother.

    By No means am I anti Indian, By no means am I totally in favour of all that happens in Pakistan. I do however feel that the boundries between India And Pakistan are far from Artifical. They are deeply set within the soul.Like I said earlier the Patriotism that is felt on both sides i think is felt much more deeply then the love that any of us feel for our countries.

    I'd say that your ideas like many other ideas, such as communism and fundamentalism, is at its core quite noble. It also shares with them another similarity.. impossibility. The Pakistani people chose Pakistan.. Those that didnt leave, those that did stay or move into Pakistan. The concept at Pakistan was a romantic one, much like ideas of " breaking down artifical barriers", their is one major difference though: When Pakistan was made, the people wanted it, and it became. How many Indians and Pakistanis want to break down the very barriers that were made for them? I would say not many.

    A new generation of romanticism is being given rise to nowadays. Many of my peers sound just like you, My hindu friends want to visit Pakistan, and I personally want to visit India but please take note of the word VISIT. The boudries between india and Pakistan are far from Artificial, they are perhaps the realest of boundries to be found in either nation. Let me ask you.. have you ever witnessed the " Closing of the Gates Ceremony" that takes place in Pakistan Yearly? It is a spine chilling reminder of the anamosity that still laces our hearts. Do I see a friendly future for Pakistanis and Indians...Insha Allah, why not.. who doesnt want to make friends?

    I think that the commonalities you are seeing between India and Pakistan are those that join us when it comes to Language, cultural traditions and popular media, but the dissimilarities are those that are caused by a long and gruesome History of hate, that was not always apparent, but has been a struggle for a LONG LONG TIME ( such is the history of Islam, people dont seem to take a liking to our strongheaded beliefs, but beliefs are at the core of of Islams morality.). During the British RAj.. opression... what Came out of it.. INDIA... What came with it.. Pakistan. Whenever their is opression their is eventual uprise and the uprise is never without due cause. We speak of the Muslim rulers that ruled India, are we speaking of the very Rajas that drank their RAJ away and made their own religious blends, I am very pleased that theirs is a history that ended sometime ago. It makes for nice art though, I am not sure I like the history.

    If Pakistan and India ever want to get along, their must be admission that something has occured. We can not deny each other the decency of acknowledgement. I am sure that when that happens the situation will progress. So far that has not happened. Has anyone ever said sorry? I dont think much will happen until those sorries are said.. until then.. who pays.. we each do.. because we continue to build a better nuke.. and fire it 2 more times.. they do the same and well.. Can either country afford it.. nope.. so who pays.. the poor get poorer.. thats all. What can be done.. not much.. why? Because a history seems to be more powerful then any present and that is exactly why things will NEVER CHANGE until history is dealt with.
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    A Faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.

    Re: Pakistan and India....

    i luv pakistan its culture its ppl.its shahid afridi.gosh im deeply in luv with him
    Shahid Afridi in Green, has rocked the cradle of the Shivangi Dixit in Blue