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Nine US troops among 25 killed in Iraq violence

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    Nine US troops among 25 killed in Iraq violence

    Nine US troops among 25 killed in Iraq violence
    Sunday 15-05-2005

    BAGHDAD: The US military said on Saturday that nine of its troops were killed in an offensive against insurgents and foreign fighters in western Iraq, and guerrillas struck again in Baghdad, leaving at least five people dead.

    .... Insurgents struck again in the capital when a suicide car bomber blew himself up next to an Iraqi police patrol in central Baghdad, killing at least four people, police sources said.

    The blast echoed across central Baghdad and thick black smoke rose from burning vehicles in what has become a daily scene since Iraq announced a cabinet. In a second attack, insurgents hurled grenades at a police convoy in western Baghdad, killing one policeman.

    Police on Saturday found three beheaded corpses in the town of Jurf al-Sakhar, south of Baghdad, police said. Hospital officials said the victims had been tortured. Insurgents have shot or beheaded scores of Iraqis they suspect of working with American forces.

    Two policemen and two civilians were killed in clashes in the town of Samarra on Saturday, police Captain Hashem al-Sulami said.

    Iraqi insurgents pressed their campaign to undermine the new government, killing at least 14 people in bombings, as fierce fighting between US troops and rebels near the Syrian border claimed the lives of four marines.

    Five Iraqis were also killed when a suicide bomber rammed his motorbike against a joint US-Iraqi convoy on the road between Tuz Kharmatu and Sulayman Beg, south of the northern oil centre of Kirkuk, said army lieutenant colonel Mohammed Wali.

    ... Earlier, three civilians, believed to be street cleaners, were killed and four others wounded by a roadside bomb in Baghdad’s southern district of Dura, hospital officials said.

    And in the main northern city of Mosul, two civilians died and a policeman was hurt in a suicide bombing targeting a joint Iraqi-US patrol, police Major Mohammed Fathi said.

    So which stupid American's idea was it to spend over a $100 billion a year in Iraq to plunder just $12.5 billion of Iraqi oil a year?

    Re: Nine US troops among 25 killed in Iraq violence

    I suppose 'siht happens'.