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Bajwa: Pakistan is incapable of winning conventional warfare with India

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    Bajwa: Pakistan is incapable of winning conventional warfare with India

    According to Hamid Mir (and Imran Riaz), Bajwa has said that in a conventional warfare, without nukes, Pakistan will lose against India.

    If we think about this logically, it is true. They have,

    - More weapons
    - Larger army
    - Far better economy
    - Morale support of the west (even America)

    What Bajwa fails to say though, is that his institution are the main reason why the situation has ended up like this.

    What is the $9B per year (and rising) annual budget of the army getting us?


      DHAs, and people in our agencies getting their perverted need for voyeurism fulfilled.

      If there was olympics in land grabbing and/or voyeurism, GHQ would be invincible.


        Pakistan is indeed a much conventionally weaker side compared to India, nothing secret or new about it. Size of the entire Pakistan army is roughly 7 hundred thousand, while India has 9 hundred thousand soldiers deployed in just Kashmir. An unhinged anti-Pakistan American Security Studies professor, Christine Fair, once said it best in one of her speeches, “if it was game of thrones and I was incharge of defending Pakistan against India, I would give up before even starting”. Not only India is up to 5 to 7 times more resourceful in terms of tanks, ships, aircraft, submarines, and numerical strength of its armed forces. But also the absence of any natural barriers such as mountains, rivers, swamps or deserts between the two countries mean a ground invasion will take place at highway speeds. Then India enjoys complete US support, and the Indian economy can sustain months of high intensity conflict. Given all that, no smart person will even think of siding with Pakistan in a conflict with India let alone try to actually defend it in a conflict. And no one could blame them for doing so.

        But thankfully not everyone in Pakistan is so smart and well informed. Some of those not-so-smart folks stay 10 kilometers ahead of the most forward position of the Pakistan army in conflicts with India. When India does something, they return the favor. That’s why India stokes internal conflicts in Pakistan and fears direct confrontation.


          These super smart guys of ours who stay "ahead", are the main reason why our economy is a mess, and why the country has never seen political stability. We need to stop the army from ruining Pakistan further.

          Btw, if Bajwa indeed did utter those words, then that's more than enough to put him on trial for treason. But army will remain untouchable.


            We have the nuclear deterrent to deter against massive invasions. Our conventional army should be reduced in size to manage border skirmishes.


              No chance of that since Afghan border is perennially hot and BJP misses no chance especially around the time of Indian elections to engage in revisionist history.

              ISPR has already “distanced” itself from “out of context” statements so nothing will come out of it.

              Seriously, who will hold them accountable like the current establishment pets?

              I don’t even have any hope from Imran as you can always see that he is always involved in covert and overt pengay with the establishment to allow him back in power. He is technically the only option that could take them on as he has the momentum and serious street power in Punjab. I think that it was probably Bhutto who last had that kind of power.