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The experienced PDM Govt's 4 month experiment busted the myth of PTI's incompetence?

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    The experienced PDM Govt's 4 month experiment busted the myth of PTI's incompetence?

    Has the experienced PDM Govt's 4 month experiment busted the myth of PTI's incompetence?

    For 3.5 years the PDM parties especially PML N and PPP kept shouting, screaming in the National Assemblies, Press Conferences and Interviews, Combined Jalsas, Social Media about PTI's and Imran Khan's incompetence from August 2018 to April 2022.

    These parties boasted about having administrative, bureaucratic and governmental experience vs the novice, amateur, inexperienced PTI novices.

    These PDM parties inspite of getting full backing from the establishment during their tenure have just shown complete indecision, no clear plan or roadmap on how to steer the country out of the economic quagmire. The Prime Minister who was hailed as a legendary administrator cannot make decisions without consulting his elder brother and opposition parties especially Asif Zardari.

    The govt has failed to get any sort of financing from the Arab Countries and cannot get any financing from the IMF. Heck Bajwa himself had to beg the US to release the IMF funds.

    The only singular thing this govt has focused on is ruthlessly going after the PTI, instituting fake cases, crushing the pro PTI journalists, using excessive force against PTI protestors, quashing their own cases, putting their own people in key state institutions and rolling back all of PTI's reforms i.e. electoral reforms, overseas voting rights, EVM Machines, Sehat Card e.t.c.

    Hopefully this experience will teach many Pakistani people who used to hurl non stop abuses at IK and PTI during their 3.5 year tenure as to what the alternative was and is.

    I started 'hurling' abuses at ghattiya khan & potty-i in the last year of them in power after living in NAYA PAKISTAN from beginning till the end. Knowing well how their goons destroyed all country's economy & institutions.

    Anyone that has not lived in NAYA PAKISTAN of fasaadi khan really has no right to speak for this fascist mafia. If you have lived in Naya Pakistan then do share details about all those 'reforms' you claiming to credit potty-i with.

    Sehat card was instrduced by pmln in 2014 but potty-i took credit for introducing not just that project but many other projects & reforms about which only Pakistanis living in pakistan prior to 2018 know.

    Sehat card was never stopped by new PM hamza shehbaz because it was their own project for the poor people of Pakistan. However complete obedience of potty-i's dentist president, that bestowed some pakistani dancer with a PRESIDENTIAL AWARD; to the imposter's orders, some 'cheema' governor in punjab & the all the drama that followed involving 'Punjab ka sb sy Bara daaku' did everything they could to keep the entire province a hostage.

    The role of 3-benched judges issuing orders against constitution is a clear indication they're obedient to criminals of deep state who further on take orders from master israel.

    You can share details about whatever other reforms you have mentioned and allow me to serve you with facts.

    Potty-i stole 4 ballot papers & rest of the ballot papers were pre-numbered in the speaker's elections yesterday which has never happened in 70 years of history of pakistan. Not surprisingly, pti candidate wins. The government has gone to courts & boycotted today's deputy speaker's election & not surprisingly, pti candidate claims victory in deputy speaker's election.

    Did you send any $$ to support the dam funds made by your PM ? Do you know that dam was never made & no one knows where all those funds disappeared.

    The imposter & his potty-i has survived through huge funds put into media promotions to not only promote him as the only savior of the country but also to spread lies & fabricated stories of corruption about the best leaders of Pakistan. Soon the world will know because this satan-led mafia is either going to drown the country completely, that is; if the wrath upon this country is not lifted. Or will be exposed.
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      When we apply brakes on a bike, it doesn't stop then and there but takes a few meters before the bike comes to a complete stop. The distance covered b/w application of brakes and a vehicle coming to a complete stop is called braking-distance. For a car, the breaking-distance is longer than a bike. For an 18-wheeler, the breaking-distance is longer than a car. For a train, the breaking-distance is even longer than an 18-wheeler. The heavier the vehicle, the greater the breaking-distance. There is no on-off switch.

      Proverbially, economies too have a stopping-distance. For too long Pakistan has been borrowing money but IK broke all previous records with little to show for. No new motorways, no new Steel Mills, no new railway lines, no new shipping ports, no new hospitals, no new universities, no new nothing. Instead CPEC got rolled back, PIA got banned from EU, every friendly country got pissed off, so on and so forth. Pakistan's external debts increased by $35.3 Billion by Dec 2021, the highest ever for any past government in 75 years. I think the best economic team Pakistan can have is now in place but the stopping-distance is going to be much longer than mere 4 months.


        The question is simple: PDM overthrew a stable government whose prime minister would have been the first in it's history to complete one full term. The reasoning used was to save the economy. Have they fulfilled this promise?
        Could you provide any evidence or metric to show PDM coming into power has improved the economy? If not improved, could you show that it would have been at least been better than the previous government? For example, any major reforms or alternative strategies.

        How about socially? Are the lives of the average person improving? What facilities and policies has the government brought in for poverty alleviation? Education?

        How about politically? Have democratic foundations of the country gotten stronger? Has the people's trust in the system improved? Have anti corruption agencies been empowered?


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          PPP served full term 2008 - 2013. Get your facts right.

          Anyone who did not live in NAYA PAKISTAN aka andher nagri has no right to speak anythign on behalf of it. "Stable government" ??? Where do you get that from ? potty-i over thrown just in time before their thugs cold turn Pakistan into sri lanks bringing 2 wins for india within the same month.

          Incase you did not know, pdm is a 'movement' against the corruption of potty-i & its imposter leader. it is not a political party. but that movement came too late. it should've come out earlier than that. if i had known about that movement before, i would have joined it. because everything was going wrong starting from 2018. People who have not lived in pakistan to experience those 'reforms'' aimed at severely drowning economy by the 'visionary' head of the london-based movement: "peshawer perverts"& "fothermuckers" really have no right to speak about it.

        PMLN and PPP are both incompetent and corrupt. They have ruled Pakistan for over 30+ years and all they have done is make sure this country doesn't reach its potential. They keep repeating the same mistakes when it comes to the economy and they have a habit of literally destroying any industry they touch. PMLN reduces Pakistan's exports whenever they come to power.
        PMLN made sure Pakistan had a CAD of over 19$ billion during a period where fuel and commodity prices were record low. How can someone expect these fools not to create a balance of payments crisis when fuel and commodity prices are record high? Do people not realize PDM would've destroyed Pakistan had they ruled over it during the times of Covid?

        Everything that's happening right now has happened before the only difference now is that Imran Khan is exposing these people to the masses.


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          All the above claims based on the same media propaganda random people believe blindly without research because they just do not care to research enough to make such claims told to them by media. PPP was not the best but definitely not as worse as potty-i.

          pmln not being in government is no loss to them. it is loss to this country & people living there. also no loss to people living in other countries so they keep spreading the same false news without care because it does not damage them in any way.

          Shahbaz shareef's cancer hospital was providing free cancer treatment & medicines to pakistanis long before SKH came into existence but the maker of one cries about his greatness constantly on media whereas the other serves the poor silently. some pmln ministers did not even take salaries as government officials.

          it seems God has chosen the cursed one - the 'visionary' of "peshawar perverts" & ""fothermucker" to destroy pakistan & all thoe supporting the imposter will realise their mistake when it is too late & they're left with nothing to reverse the damage. I have nothing to worry as majority that will suffer are the same foolish ones & their children who are now supporting the imposter & his thugs.

        The often used argument by supporters of crooks was that the PTI were incompetent. When supporters of PTI argued that the PDM is made up of crooks and that they have stolen billions from the poor they argued that firstly, PTI supporters are like a cult and then it was "you're overseas and don't know the ground realities in Pakistan".

        Both these last two arguments went out of the window when the PDM exposed themselves and then how the masses came out on the streets of Pakistan to protest against the PDM mafia.
        I suspect that this took them by surprise. They tried to argue that it was the jobless and layabouts that were coming out to support PTI but even that argument was exposed.

        Now these PDM supporters are one of two things. They're either as crooked as the people they follow / worship (to cult level of following) or they are extremely naive (I.e stupid imbeciles).


          Ahh..... I wrote a 2 pages long reply & copied on my clipboard to paste it upon signing in.

          Before signing in, I was reading another article & copied on clip board something again. I wish someone could tell me that the text which was copied on clipboard first is not lost & i can still retrieve somehow. Anyone?
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            For now, I'll only say that if Allah has destined this country for doom at the hands of this false God of misguided ones then no power can change it:


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              Truly sad about losing my detailed reply yesterday as I wrote it completely focused. I'll try again but I know alot will be missing from yesterday's lost post.

              potty-i has no policies of their own. They ran 4 years borrowing policies from earlier government taking credit as their own. Infact, the previous government projects were also not completed like the dam for which overseas Pakistanis sent hard earned money & the leader swindled them together with other thugs.

              Three powers with which they survived 4 years were:

              1. indian criminals network with strong presence in Pakistan as they have hired not only Pakistani youth deprived of opportunities also by the same leader inspite of false promises of bringing employment/business/technical education/skill-learning opportunities for them, but also have grown links with the indian sponsored terror groups inside the country.

              2. Indian sponsored fake jihadi network TTP & more 'exploited' category of Pakistanis to burn down their own homes. all of whom are equally 'khalaayi makhlooq' possessed breed because of their sin. All their energies are focused on negative pursuits & destruction. They also take direct & indirect orders from india.

              3. Rage-filled educated & uneducated but misguided breed of Pakistan & out of Pakistan mostly from the youth so lack of life experience does not allow them to see beyond certain limits, to understand any of the internal & external challenges Pakistan has faced for 70 years. But that rage-filled breed comes from all age groups.

              The only talent this party has is how to put on perfect flashy stage dance, singing, circus shows. They have no other talent, NO POLICIES & it showed in last 4 years of governance. All the above 'reforms' you mentioned were proposed to pmln some of which were refused & some accepted. Like the evms had more chances of rigged elections through digital hacks.

              It is true that almost all of their support from Pakistani homes comes from the jobless, layabouts, spoilt youth dependent on parents with no future worry. The ones that later on end up either joining the gangsters mafias or the fake jihadi network.

              They have hired some educated names to come across as a party of educated members & to attract the educated population to join in but soon those new comers start to see the flaws. That is why their members are frequently & constantly leaving or being replaced except a few opportunists.

              I personally met many inside & outside pakistan with some positive suggestions to improve lives of common Pakistanis. They said they tried to reach out to their leader to ask him to work on those suggestions / proposals, make policies but their leader was unapproachable through any source. The opportunists surrounding him only concerned about how & how much any proposal / suggestion from the common Pakistanis serves 'them' personally. That is not how the governments are run. That is how oligarchies are run. But in Pakistan only few opportunists will run them through the power of indian non-jihadi & fake jihadi criminals because they are paid for it. Pakistanis saw a trailer in last 4 years. Those speaking favourably must come down to experience what it was like living in Pakistan run by these thugs.

              If you remove the above 2 jihadi/non jihadi criminals network & the rage-filled stupid youth that has never come out of homes to face any life challenges, their support will be shot-lived if they were left to live on their own in naya Pakistan of fasaadi khan.

              My post is as impartial as it could be. I came to pakistan, conditions were not so bad. People were normal. I got to experience little bit of a 'normal' country with normal people & conditions. Not 100% normal but there were hopes of improvement but as always stability was broken down & fitna of these fasaadies unleashed. Things have never been the same.

              It is only commonsense to say that people that have not experienced living in Pakistan in last 15 years atleast do not know the ground realities to even provide an accurate opinion / judgment. They speak based on all the claims this mafia of thugs loudly makes on tv & paid media/journalists promote them all like real-life heros. They must come down to live in pakistan, observe the reality behind those claims before making any positive/negative judgments.

              To remove any doubts, I have stated earlier that I did not support any political party ever in my life because I did not live in Pakistan. It was only after returning to experience living Pakistan, seeing the ground realities, meeting the locals majority of whom are fed up of all the politics & they just want to make a living to survive/support their families. I have become a supporter of pmln recently after more research & information on how this party has been targeted 'the most' by global anti-pak mafia because they fear only they could bring stability to this country.

              I have no family no children & have lived most part of my life. It would be least of my worries who leads this country & what becomes of it after I'm gone. But I speak out because the good people living here do not at all deserve what has been made of this country by the actions of the evil ones. The godless breed that the criminals of deep state are. It is by a careful planning to crush the morale of these people. It is not a co-incidence. That is what makes me stand against those forces even if by way of writing.

              The ego, greed, hate, emotions of revenge directed at WRONG (good) people of Pakistan, destruction, disobedience, lawlessness, bullying, ghunda-rule, bribe-culture to name just a few represent potty-i's 4 years in power. If that is what was promised to stupid Pakistani awam then I have no objection on their supporters enjoying what they're given.

              Keep in mind they have NO policies. & they went on to freeze majority good projects of importance. It could only be a miracle if genuinely good people join them, are allowed to stay / work to build the country. I'm pretty sure these sissies neither have any courage nor any sensible, intelligent policies to stand against the actual evil playing with country-affairs. They utilized all their energies to target & fight the best people of pakistan because they were MISGUIDED to do that by the same evils ones that have controlled the country for last 70 years. Now that actual evil bunch is much more stronger than before because they cleverly used potty-ies jaahil leadership to rid, cleanse out the best patriotic people, I know these sissies will only dance on their finger tips leading the country to destruction or giving it away to whoever they're ordered to give it away to in exactly the same way as they have been doing. Because that is what this UTTERLY MISGUIDED, exploited bunch is best at... dancing/circus.

              In the end, they'll just appear on tv for one last time with a long list of excuses for why they lost the country or maybe they'll not live to see that day.

              I would say again, it would have been best for all the productive people to work in unity with older leadership. But the sick-headed bursting with major ego took a different route because in truth, it is comprised of of greedies, jaahils, majorly egoistic ones & they were misled to fight against the best people of pakistan, were not smart enough to be aware of the external challenges, exploitation tactics that were used on them. And they ended up bringing the country to the present crisis.

              this post is completely different from the lost post I wrote yesterday. That one contained some more points which I have not been able to state today as I'm not as much focused. But potty-ies are satan-led cursed ones.
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