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    shabbir gill was NOT tortured while in custody. this drama is to escape prison & shift to hospital.

    This ILLEGAL israeli/indian sponsored potty-i has ALWAYS relied on lies, misinformation spread by the media. Not too long ago, this actor was exposed standing unhurt, uninjured, all perfect next to his car on motorway minutes after his so called accident. That picture still available on the internet but the VERY NEXT DAY, he appeared for a photoshoot covered with bandage from head to toe, walking with a stick. obviously he did not know his pictures were taken minutes after that accident him standing perfectly normal, UNHURT next to the car.

    Similarly, pervaiz elahi could not prove being beaten up through the CCTV cameras in the assembly but appeared the next day with while arm covered with a bandage & claimed PML-N workers beat him up. whereas the same arm was without the bandage the VERY NEXT DAY moving normally.

    Now the latest drama to gain public sympathy is by HIRING a mother & 2 sisters from DHA-2, Lahore. his real mother is NOT ALIVE anymore. The 3 women are clearly seen trying to hide smiles at the end of the video for 'performing' perfect acting skills. These are the dramabaaz, FAKE pakistanis due to whom normal, educated pakistanis are also get the bad name in other countries. Because normal human psyche is to remember a country & its people through such displays of falsehood.

    What more dramas do pakistanis need for their entertainment until they raise their voice in allowing this dramabaaz fitna-fasaad gang before they hand pakistan over to india?

    PML-N leaders were forced into not less than 14 days physical remand. Why does the fitna & dramabaaz donkies of potty-i demand preferential treatment for themselves? Because they are sponsored by israeli & india so the same attitude of being ABOVE THE LAW & the FALSEHOOD & the lies displayed for public sympathy reflects in every single act of theirs ? Is it because Pakistan is the latest playground for israel & india to play, Pakistani institutions their latest toys to destroy after Palestine & Kashmir & so they want their field actors & puppets to be given preferential treatment by all institutions despite them conspiring to challenge state writ & impose israeli/indian agenda in the country?



      The liar, the serpent, the false GOD of JAAHIL Pakistanis imposter-niazi says his CHIEF OF STAFF was subjected to extreme form of torture including SEXUAL torture. The tongues of these munafiqs probably cannot speak the truth even if they try to. Such is the extent of their munafqat. A munafiq is a person who always says lies whenever he opens mouth & he always speaks ill, utters venom whenever he opens mouth. It is not at all difficult to tell what degree of munafqat serpent-niazi & his thugs stands at.

      As per the medical report the bravest conjurer of potty-i has chronic asthma. While he is perfectly using symptoms of the disease as a 'prop' to appear like he was tortured while in custody, the truth is these liars are cursed to NOT be able to ever speak the truth. That is what their sins have brought them to. The video circulating on the internet is the clip of a child rapist who is seen being attacked by the public, not of the CHIEF CONJURER of potty-i. Inn jhootay kutton ko sharm bhi nahi aati na sirf jhoot boltay hn bulkay misinformation spread krty hn using their media cell paid through charity money people give them for cancer hospital.

      The above medical report by 6 doctors says the opposite.

      Furthermore, the pictures taken during hospital stay show him with no sign of any torture, let alone sexual torture. But still his lawyer, coming from the same category of munafiqeens claims even the medical report says his conjurer client was subjected to torture. As if the client is a 2 months old baby that could not tell the judges, the media & the public that he was tortured ?

      The sooner Pakistanis throw this gang of liars & imposters out of Pakistani politics, the better for themselves & the country.


        Seems like admins have a thing against sarcasm. They certainly dont have anything open and senseless season on PTI. Carry on.

        This thread is a dance party for PDM clowns..
        Now please delete this too


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          I did not know about 'PDM' until someone here mentioned couple of months ago & I discovered what it was. I read the basic highlights, the purpose of why it was formed & found nothing baseless. I cannot say enough someone who has not lived in Pakistan of potty-i then they can claim no right to speak favourably for potty-i. Or I invite all the overseas Pakistanis speaking in favour of them to atleast mention one good thing, one good policy brought on by potty-i that benefitted them as overseas Pakistanis. I can safely say that this party has neither brought anything of benefit for the country, Pakistanis living in the country nor internationally & to the Pakistani living out of the country. If you have any constructive reasons to support this party, please do mention as we all want to know.

          Maybe I must mention that the vulgar talk - the talent of their CHIEF OF STAFF - that used to be limited to stage-shows aimed to attract the jaahil, perverted men of Pakistan - now being used to attract the same audience towards politics & spewing venom, rubbish & personal hassad whenever they open mouth do not count as 'positive'

        Can there be any more satanic-influenced speech than this ?

        Pakistanis living overseas must not help people suffering due to floods, as per her, because over seas Pakistanis do not have the right to vote in Pakistan. I lived in overseas all my life without having any right to vote in Pakistani elections but gave donations not only to his cancer hospital as an over seas Pakistani but used to help out any people I knew about in need not only in Pakistan but in my country of residence & some other international charity organizations. & I know of several other Pakistanis who did the same.

        But this satanic party of fitna-fasaad-intashar advocating overseas Pakistanis to stop being charitable towards flood affectees because they do not have the right to vote in the country. No human with basic common sense & basic ethics could find a link between helping out the needy troubled by a natural disaster & the right to vote but these potty-ies have got nothing except sh!t in their mouths. What is being 'satanic' if not this? Jaanwar bhi dusray janwar ko mushkil mn dekh k madad krty hn. Ye satan-possessed human look-alikes mn tau janwaron ki bhi khaslat nahi. "Kon log hn ye ?"

        Esy log dunia mn he nahi aakhrat mn bhi zaleel-o-khuwaar hotay hn. Ye ho rahay hn or hon gy. Because Pakistan pr rule krny k lalach mn khuda ko bhi bhool chukay hn.

        That comes while the dentist imposed by them on Pakistanis as a president celebrates his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife amidst the entire country drowns in floods:


          More true oqaat of ILLEGAL potty-i.

          In the video below the locals of Kohistaan, the place where 5 brothers were left to drown in flood, explain how the AC/DC police requested KP government to send helicopter to to save those 5 brothers but the KP CM told them off by saying that the government helicopter of KP government is reserved for ex-PM, the potty-i party head alone & it is not available to be used for rescue work. It was only after outcry in the media after the demise of those 5 brothers when the CM KP permitted the use of KP's helicopter for rescue service that, as per him, was "reserved" for karamkhor niazi. He goes on to further explain how they do not expect KP government to do anything constructive for the people of KP because they have done nothing in the last 4 years.

          It truly breaks one's heart seeing how much the KP awam has suffered in silence in the last 4 years but they patient not to complain. It is only now after seeing the present government's relief efforts & a completely ruthless, beastly approach of this ILLEGAL party of HARAMKHORS towards the flood affectees in need of help that they are speaking up because they see there still is some hope. It is truly heart shattering the sight of the old man complaining to PM about the total disregard of the anti-human potty-i towards well being of the people of KP. Pretty sure it is the people like these all over Pakistan who patiently suffered in silence during the last 4 years of utter misgovernance of potty-i that have cursed these actors pretending to be humane.

          Again, does this khalaayi makhlooq - the members of potty-i deserve to be called humans???

          P.S: I watched it live so do not know the timeline of that part of the clip but it was at 3rd quarter of the clip


            Originally posted by Lemonade View Post
            Seems like admins have a thing against sarcasm. They certainly dont have anything open and senseless season on PTI. Carry on.

            This thread is a dance party for PDM clowns..
            Now please delete this too
            SID_NY Freedom of speech only makes sense if you let people speak freely. The pledge of allegiance states "One nation under god, with liberty and justice for all"

            Yelling out the "P" word even when every single one of us knows how extremely gross and disgusting it sounds especially when you have the thing going on a friggin loop. I bet women themselves be ashamed with the way this woman continues to use the words she does