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Indian Terrorism in Pakistan Yhtough BLA

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    Indian Terrorism in Pakistan Yhtough BLA

    As always, my phone started acting up just as I started writing the title. I hope the typo can be corrected.

    After recent terrorist attack in Karachi by indian funded BLA aimed at making China pack bags after 4 years of derailing of major CPEC projects by economic terrorists of PTI & their intentional slowing down of those projects in complete obedience to indian goals for Pakistan (bringing it under indian slavery), even Pakistanis are forced to question whether Pakistani securities are sleeping to be aware of enemy's attempts of such terrorism in Pakistan ?

    Baluchistan is complicated but issues of Baluchistan & Taliban are sole domain of Army , so no hope to solve the issues


    • SleekDesign
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      Editing a comment
      Until before the 'cleaning up' operation, Sindh instability came through indian controlled MQM, Balochistan's through india's BLA & KP's through India's TTP. Only punjab province was a stable province but then it was given to PTI, booze-dar & company that have caused the biggest economic terrorism in the province that was never seen before. It surely is not just a 'co-incodence' india controlling Pakistan with the help of their hidden paaltu kuttaas in Pakistan.

    "...due to the deterioration of the regional security situation and the proxy war launched by the regional power, Pakistan is currently facing security challenges.

    He, however, said the overall security situation of the country has been improving in the past 10-15 years due to the strong and effective crackdown measures taken by the Pakistani government and security forces..."