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4th April 2022, the 43rd Anniversary of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

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    Credit has to be given to Bhutto for setting up Steel Mill and the nuclear program in his tenure as well as seizing the opportunity to open up relationship with China in the early sixities.

    Pasha likes to badmouth and slander Imran Khan as badkirdaar. I'm not going to get into it since Bhutto opened up bars in his tenure in Karachi but lets not forget that unlike PTI, Bhutto owes his existence to a dictator aka Ayub Khan.

    Can you imagine where Bhutto would be if Iskandar Mirza hadn't imposed Martial Law in 1958?

    Nusrat Bhutto was friends with Mirza's wife hence his introduction of Bhutto to Ayub Khan. Army might have supported or maybe not allow the rigging of the elections as heavily as they did in 2013 in Punjab but let us not forget that aside from Imran's early dance with Musharraf, Imran remained in the wilderness for 17 years until his party came to power in KP (2013). Sure, army might have padded PTI's government with independents supporting him in 2018 but Bhutto committed a bigger sin as diwana mentioned already in 1970 elections.


      Originally posted by diwana View Post
      Did ZA Bhutto gladly accept that Awami League won the election and Mujeeb be the PM?
      Read my post @#3. You will get the answer. Yes he became agent of dictator ruler of that time. It was his first mistake which ultimately cost him his life. The truth is no one in West Pakistan like Bengali to rule West Pakistan. A political compromise was the need of time. However military janta also did not want Bengali to rule Pakistan, whether ZAB wanted or not, Yahya Khan had already decided this and started genocide of Bengali which ultimately lead to breakup of Pakistan in 1971.


        Not knowing your spot in the packing order is a fatal error, that got Bhutto stretched. Once they shove a nation out of the circle, that nation suffers tremendously. Like I’m Congo 6 mill died and never in news.


          It was a good thread with strong but opposite views by contributers,... up until now.

          But "a foul smelling, wild elephant has entered the china shop".

          I am aware of couple of earlier posts by Sachaydino and Doppleganger , and was going to respond but sorry. It ends here.
          Time to leave and thanks. Do read what I said earlier.

          Impress me..with your intelligence and wit. :-)