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Iran-US Clash in Persian Gulf

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    Iran-US Clash in Persian Gulf

    And no one is talking about this on social media, interesting!


    The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said Monday that nine soldiers were killed in direct clashes with the US Navy in the Persian Gulf waters, local media reported.

    The Mehr news agency quoted Navy commander Alireza Tangsiri as saying that the clashes took place in the Persian Gulf, without specifying the time.

    Tangsiri said the clashes resulted in the killing of nine IRGC soldiers, without providing any further details.

    The Navy commander pointed out that there have been many direct clashes between Iranian and US naval forces.

    "We have launched nine strikes over our fallen martyrs," he said, without giving further details.

    There was no comment from US authorities on the Iranian statements.

    Earlier this month, the Iranian Navy seized a Vietnamese oil tanker following a close encounter with US naval forces in the Sea of Oman. The vessel was released a week later following hectic negotiations between the two sides.

    Reading about that only here.


      Originally posted by decentGuy View Post
      Reading about that only here.
      Yes surprisingly international media is silent on this one.
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        Let Iran handle Iranian matters.

        It isn't like Pakistan is a land of milk and honey with IMF not releasing money and no western investment / FATF around its neck. TTP is busy killing Pakistani soldiers in FATA and balochistan since apparently Taliban have told balochi militants to leave. They supposedly have shifted to Iran from the news that I read couple of days ago. We are getting killed by a thousand cuts at this point.