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    Originally posted by humming bird View Post

    How can you agree to someone occupying your home? Displace you. If you get a new home they crush it too. And if you resist they kill you, your children and rape your women?

    Imagine this to your family and then let me know if you can come terms to it??
    Its not about what's wrong and what's right. The entire "might" of the Muslim ummah cannot stand against a nation of 10 million. Why let all those innocent people die? Why not relocate them to a better, safer environment? Someone once said, your passport or place does not dictate your willingness to bring about change or work towards a cause, even if its foreign to you. Palestinians can fight for their cause living abroad in much safer environments as well. At the rate at which we've been killing them over the past 70 odd years, pretty soon they will be relegated to the history books.

    I'm all for ending human suffering, by any means necessary. Even if that means giving up our claim to Aqsa. It will eventually happen, there is nothing we can do about it.
    "Some people believe that necessity is the mother of Invention, but they're wrong, its War" - James May