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Arnab Goswamy and CEO BARC leaked chats

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    Arnab Goswamy and CEO BARC leaked chats

    Recently released transcript of chats between Arnab Goswami and CEO of BARC shows that both were discussing Palwama attack joyously, in which 40 of the Indian soldiers were murdered and Arnab was commenting that it will be a big blow to Pakistan and that Pakistan will be attacked after the event.

    Later it is revealed that this was done to boost Modi's image. Modi and the apparatus of Indian agencies are turning out to be the murderers of their own soldiers.

    The full transcript of the chat are available freely online now.
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    AG and many other indian media anchors are absolutely nothing but clowns and hence should never be taken seriously. Period.

    They'll be exposed on their own and will be sunk in the mud. Karma will hit.

    Pretty sure they'll lose all the credibility among indians as well very shortly, if it hasnt happened yet.
    Attitude is more important than facts.
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      Arnab Goswami is one the biggest clowns. Anyone who took him seriously even before these leaks needs to get their head checked.

      Just how USA finally got rid of Trump, India will get rid of Modi next election... unfortunately that's a few years away. Until then, we must watch Modi slowly dig his own grave.
      Everyone has the right to be stupid. Some people abuse the privilege - Joseph Stallin.


        There are several bestseller books written on the power of media to influence minds. People can deny all they want that they don't get affected by such signaling, but I believe the media to be a powerful force that influences minds, and I do take Indian media seriously to judge the intent of Indian government. The leaked chats only confirm how well informed and well connected some of the craziest in the business are.

        A few months back the same news channel was fined 20,000/= for hate speech against Pakistan. The channel committed to censor such content before airing in the UK. So the UK audience won’t see what people in India do.

        Arnab can be fun at times though: