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Punishing the Rapist..or no?

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    Punishing the Rapist..or no?

    Its heartbreaking itself as it to open a thread about how to deal with an ultimate inhuman criminal, although it clearly shouldnt be a debate at all. There was another extremely tragic rape that has become the unfortunate headline. Again, why would there be any two opinion on that at all i dont get it. but it is what it is.

    From what I know some higher officials in govt and many celebrities actually pointed why the woman was alone etc(talk about blaming the victim) but ofcourse majority still want them to be dealt with iron hand.

    Some are suggesting a public hanging. Some other ways.

    What is your opinion? How do you see this whole case?
    Attitude is more important than facts.
    "Life is 10% what happens to us..and 90% of how we react to it"

    Ever since this news came of the rape..i have been quiet disturbed. All i want to criminals who are convicted of such crime should be castrated and publicly executed.
    "Har Koi Deta Hai Zakham Gin Gin Kay ....
    Mein Kis Kis Zakham Ko Apna Naseeb Samjhoon"
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      Extremely disturbing indeed. Makes you question when will this ever end?!

    When you can prove a crime beyond doubt, swift and detterent punishment seems appropriate. Justice delayed is Justice denied
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      And justice mean really justice, unlike Sahiwal incident

    I am baffled about how one can even question the victim.

    Who the F cares. The victim IS the victim. Period
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      Exactly my point. There is absolutely no way its a two dimensional discussion. Its only one way. Rapist v/s Victim. And it should absolutely be an extreme severe punishment, no doubts there.

    Nothing surprising or shocking

    have been going on for years and likely more similar cases ahead

    unlikely will any changes happen

    following zia ul haq on blasphemy law but will not follow death penalty for rapist, maybe the latter will affect them and the former can help them



      Regarding the punishment for the rapist once he is caught I want to mention the famous quote "certainty of punishment is a greater deterrent than its severity"

      What is tragic about this case is that this rapist was caught for a previous rape in 2013 but was not prosecuted because the victim privately settled.

      In response to a violent crime it is the responsibility of the state to perform 2 functions,
      1) Provide justice to the victim
      2) Protect other citizens from the threat of an unpunished aggressor

      #2 MUST be done even if the victim forgoes #1


        There are two different and loosely related thought processes here.

        1- The victim did not directly invite the criminals and criminals are 100% responsible on their heinous acts in this matter.

        Criminals need to be found and punished at maximum level possible for their inhumane acts of terrorizing the woman and her children.

        2- The woman in question did not plan wisely the trip and is still responsible for:

        a- Not making sure the trip would be as safe as possible for not herself but for her children.
        b- She is not an uneducated or inexperienced woman from a "village". Not naive or fool. But she still failed to see a simple sign of fuel gauge which only takes a second of the time to glance over the gauge to know the fuel was not enough for the trip planned. She had just left the toll plaza the news says.
        c- She decided to travel in the middle of night with her children ignoring the fact that there was no need to travel on the road at night no matter what. No amount of emergency in her need to travel can justify her trip at night especially with minors.
        d- Essentially she betrayed the trust her children had on her by putting them in this terrible condition which could have easily been avoided by being careful and thoughtful.
        e- She suffered emotional trauma. Sure. And it is sad. But what about the children?? They will be living with emotional trauma as well for the rest of their lives going through this traumatic event.

        In essence:
        Criminals are responsible for their acts and crime. Need to be punished.

        She is responsible for her carelessness.
        Impress me..with your intelligence and wit. :-)



          Girl returning from marriage ceremony ‘gang-raped’ in Bahawalpur

          adding this news to this thread

          as its always the women faults, let's see how the blame goes to women

          there are times when on need to travel in the night

          airport to catch a flight or back home after landing or

          hospital emergency

          FYI @ those lacking common sense


            Originally posted by batameez View Post

            Girl returning from marriage ceremony ‘gang-raped’ in Bahawalpur

            adding this news to this thread

            as its always the women faults, let's see how the blame goes to women

            there are times when on need to travel in the night

            airport to catch a flight or back home after landing or

            hospital emergency

            FYI @ those lacking common sense
            Did you even read what I wrote word by word and without emotions or creating false equivalency?

            No equivalency in the news you posted and the topic and even in the thread.

            Yes, this is about common sense.

            But the woman in the event focused in this thread had absolutely no common sense.

            Try not to sensationalize the matter like some people are trying or will do.

            This is NOT about women or men. Do not twist my comments to being gender bias!!!

            If the father of children (a man) had traveled at night without making sure the fuel was not enough he would be equally responsible.

            You mentioned driving to airport or coming back after landing or emergency hospital visit.

            All three of these scenarios are not related to this thread.

            Most of the time the fuel is enough for going to the airport or coming to home from airport. But even if these trips are long then only a stupid man or woman will not check the fuel level or look at the fuel gauge.

            Happy with red color??

            Any member of parent, father or mother has absolute responsibility to make sure the children's safety.

            This woman failed to do so.

            What if she or her children were abducted or killed???? It's to a large extent relieving that they were not killed.
            Impress me..with your intelligence and wit. :-)


              Victim's carelessness is often involved in other crimes as well like theft, robbery etc.
              It cannot be used as an excuse to cover up the incompetence of the authorities.

              The authorities had let this motorway un-policed for the last six months.
              And, when the victim contacted them for help they were not able to respond in a timely manner.

              Lahore CCPO tried to highlight the victim's carelessness to take attention away from the incompetence of his own department


                This particular incident has shaken my family as if we missed a bullet. God forbid it could have very well happened with someone in my family. Oftentimes it is only some female family member and her children who are the only ones available to pick me up(or other family) from or drop me off at the airport around 3am or 4am. That is a time when roads are deserted and there is little police even on major roads inside the city. Several years ago, we too ran out of petrol before dawn while going home from the airport and I had to push the car all the way to a petrol pump that was open 24 hrs. Also, I know of many international flights landing in Lahore and then people going by road to their respective nearby cities, all of that happens late at night. What I’m getting at is that different people have different lifestyles, and while a situation may seem completely out-of-ordinary to the general population, it could be completely normal to those who have a similar lifestyle.

                It’s not just rapes that have gone up lately, it is also other street crimes that have gone up as well in Punjab from what I’m hearing. Street crimes have gone up in tiny Islamabad as well which used to be very safe. I think government is being very incompetent. Within two years Punjab has had 5 new IGs, dozens of secretaries have been transferred, there was no dedicated highway police for this particular section of motorway for the past 6 months, no police came to rescue for hours, the forensic department was not given funds for the last several months which caused them to have run out of DNA testing kits, my own recent personal experience with customs at Lahore airport has been less than stellar. I found them openly fishing passengers for bribes. I’ve heard some gangs have thrown logs and tree branches on this highway to stop cars to commit crimes. In short, governance seems to be in total mess.


                  As per the law there is no death penalty in this case. The actual punishment is only a few years of imprisonment if they are found guilty which in most cases doesn't even happen. That's very lenient punishment.
                  The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not of those who earned Your Anger, nor of those who went astray. (Al-Fatihah)


                    Making new law, gov't does not want to establish its administration.
                    Laws are there, gov't needs to implement them.


                      In summary:

                      It's a shared responsibility matter.

                      All four groups of individuals should be held responsible for this event.

                      1- The woman.
                      2- The criminals.
                      3- The law enforcement agency
                      4- The Government.

                      Why I put the woman as first?

                      Simple reason. As I mentioned above if she has been careful to begin with, all other three factors would not have become responsible thereafter.

                      Why I divided Law enforcement agency from Government?

                      Again simple reason. No matter how much the government does, it is up to the agency employees to carry out their job diligently. Still goes back to the citizens or in this case to the woman.

                      As krash mentioned above and I agree, victim's carelessness is often involved in crimes to occur. Yes.

                      Before the actions of the criminals, law enforcement agencies laziness and government's lack of competence is blamed,.................... individuals/citizens should look at their own irresponsible acts which can potentially invite a crime or accident to occur.

                      No one should blame medical emergency vehicle "only" for not arriving on time after breaking the red light and getting into an accident.

                      Is this one example enough or someone needs a whole list of examples??? Hope not.
                      Impress me..with your intelligence and wit. :-)


                        How should the woman be held responsible? What should be done to her?

                        When victims are careless they have made a simple error in judgement for which they have already suffered the crime. No further blame or punishment is needed.
                        Let's not forget that the need for care occurs because the environment is unsafe in the first place because of the failure of govt and law enforcement.
                        What the woman did was careless in Lahore but perfectly fine in many other places in the world.
                        Your example of breaking a red light is not valid because that involves actual law breaking that has a punishment.

                        The criminals are directly responsible for the crime and need to be punished. The govt and law enforcement agencies are responsible for failing to provide a safe environment and should be held accountable.
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