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hundreds, including 200 children held hostage in Russia

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    hundreds, including 200 children held hostage in Russia

    The Downing of two passenger jets and 2 bombings in public locals within a week and now this.

    The hostage takers (suspected t o be Chechen rebels) have threaten to blow up the school if police rush it and will kill 50 children for every militant involved w/ the seize that is wounded.


    MOSCOW - Attackers wearing suicide-bomb belts seized a school in a Russian region bordering Chechnya on Wednesday and were holding hundreds of hostages, including 200 children. The assault came a day after a suicide bomber killed 10 people in Moscow.

    At least two people were killed during the takeover, including a father who had brought his child to the school and was shot when he tried to resist the raiders, said Fatima Khabolova, a spokeswoman for the regional parliament. An attacker also was killed and nine people were injured, she said.

    The hostage-takers, who were suspected to be Chechen rebels, were threatening to kill 50 children for every one of their number killed by security forces, the region’s interior minister said.

    “They have said that for every fighter wiped out they will kill 50 children and for every fighter wounded, 20,” Kazbek Dzantiyev told local journalists in Beslan in Russia’s North Ossetia region.

    ITAR-Tass reported that the hostage-takers had released 15 children several hours after seizing the school, but Ruslan Ayamov, a spokesman for North Ossetia's Interior Ministry, denied that the hostage-takers had freed anyone, telling the Associated Press that 12 children and one adult managed to escape after hiding in the building's boiler room.

    Parents appeal to Putin
    Parents of the seized children recorded a videocassette appeal to President Vladimir Putin to fulfill the terrorists' demands, said Khabalova, the parliament spokeswoman. The text of the appeal was not immediately available.

    The seizure began after a ceremony marking the first day of the Russian school year, reports said, when it was likely that many parents had accompanied their children to class. The attackers warned they would blow up the school if police tried to storm it and forced children to stand at the windows, said Alexei Polyansky, a police spokesman for southern Russia.

    Both the school attack and the Moscow bombing appeared to be the work of Chechen rebels or their sympathizers, but there was no evidence of any direct link. The two strikes came just a week after two Russian planes carrying 90 people crashed almost simultaneously in what officials also say were terrorist bombings.

    “In essence, war has been declared on us, where the enemy is unseen and there is no front,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said, according to the Interfax-Military News Agency. He spoke before the seizure.

    The latest violence also appears to be timed around Sunday’s presidential elections in Chechnya, a Kremlin-backed move aimed at undermining support for the insurgents by establishing a modicum of civil order in the war-shattered republic. The previous Chechen president, Akhmad Kadyrov, was killed along with more than 20 others in a bombing on May 9.

    Gunfire broke out after the raid and at least three teachers and two police officers were wounded, Polyansky said. More gunfire and several explosions were heard about three hours later, the Interfax news agency reported.

    He said most of the attackers were wearing suicide bomb belts.

    Gunmen demand talks
    The attackers demanded talks with regional officials and a well-known pediatrician, Leonid Roshal, who had aided hostages during the seizure of a Moscow theater in 2002, news reports said.

    The hostage-takers demanded the release of fighters detained over a series of attacks on police facilities in neighboring Ingushetia in June, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported, citing regional officials. The well-coordinated raids killed more than 90 people.

    ITAR-Tass, citing regional emergency officials, said about 400 people including some 200 children were being held captive. A regional police official, speaking to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said the hostages had been herded into the school gymnasium.

    There were 17 attackers, both male and female, Interfax said, citing Ismel Shaov, a regional spokesman for the Federal Security Service.

    In television footage from outside the school in Beslan, a town about 10 miles north of the regional capital of Vladikavkaz, men in camouflage with heavy-caliber machine guns took up positions on the perimeter and other men in civilian dress with light automatic rifles paced nervously.

    Girl, woman seen fleeing
    At one point, a girl of about age 7 in a floral print dress and a red bow in her hair streaked around a corner apparently after fleeing from the school, followed by an older woman.

    "I was standing near the gates, music was playing when I saw three armed people running with guns, at first I though it was a joke, when they fired in the air and we fled," a teenage witness, Zarubek Tsumartov, said on Russian television.

    The attack was the latest in a string of violence that has tormented Russians and plagued Putin's government. Putin came to power in 2000 vowing to crush the Chechen rebels but has been largely unable to do so.

    Terrorism fears in Russia had risen markedly following the plane crashes and the suicide bombing outside a Moscow subway station on Tuesday night that killed 10 people and wounded more than 50.

    A militant Muslim web site published a statement claiming responsibility for the bombing on behalf of the “Islambouli Brigades,” a group that also claimed responsibility for the airliner crashes. The veracity of the statements could not immediately be confirmed.

    The statement said Tuesday’s bombing was a blow against Putin, “who slaughtered Muslims time and again.” Putin has refused to negotiate with rebels in predominantly Muslim Chechnya who have fought Russian forces for most of the past decade, saying they must be wiped out.
    Putin returns to Moscow for crisis
    Putin interrupted his working holiday in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Wednesday and returned to Moscow, after doing the same last week because of the plane crashes. Upon arrival at the Moscow airport, Putin held an immediate meeting with the heads of Russia’s Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service, the Interfax news agency said.

    Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov told reporters near the Rizhskaya subway stop in northern Moscow that the female bomber was walking toward the station but saw two police officers stationed there, turned around “and decided to destroy herself in a crowd of people.”

    The blast tore through a heavily trafficked area between the subway station and a nearby department store. Doctors worked through the night to save the lives of others who were severely wounded by the bomb that officials said was packed with bolts to maximize casualties.

    Several female suicide bombers allegedly connected with the rebels have caused carnage in Moscow and other Russian cities in a series of attacks in recent years.

    Many of the women bombers are believed to be so-called “black widows,” who have lost husbands or male relatives in the fighting that has gripped Chechnya for most of the past decade. Investigators of the plane crashes are seeking information about two Chechen women believed to have been aboard — one on each plane.

    Police patrols increased
    Police spokesman Valery Gribakin said hours after the blast that police patrols were being increased and document checks stepped up, and that security at subway and train stations and airports was being boosted. However, no increase of uniformed officers was immediately apparent at subway stations during the morning rush on Wednesday.

    Fears that the Chechen rebels aimed to export their fight outside the small republic’s borders rose in June after insurgents launched a coordinated series of attacks on police facilities in neighboring Ingushetia, in which more than 90 people were killed.

    In a videotape released several days after the attack, a man appearing to be warlord Shamil Basayev claimed responsibility for the assaults and said his fighters had seized huge quantities of arms from police arsenals.

    In 1995, Chechen rebels led by Basayev seized a hospital in the southern Russian city of Budyonnovsk, taking some 2,000 people hostage. The six-day standoff ended with a fierce Russian police assault. Some 100 people died in the incident.

    OMG now was the stooge government and rigged elections worth all of this? Sick!


      Bin Laden says that american citizens are tax payers of american army, hence can be targeted and killed. This is his interpretation of war as per Islam.

      In this case, what shall we accept that these parents of these childeren are tax payers of Russian army, so there is nothing irreligious to highjack them and kill.


        This is digusting, how could the russian government let it come to this. Let's make no mistake after installing the stooge government in the recent elections they continued the cycle of sick violence, they are as much to blame as the rebels.


          Shoot 12 unarmed Nepalese in the back. Blow up two airliners. Bombs by subway stations. Now holding an entire school hostage. Why am I not a bit suprised.

          World-wide Muslim silence about outrages committed by their brothers, combined with every conceivable rationalization (just read the remote control airplane thread) for abhorent behavior creates an enviornment where any act can be justified in the mind of the violent jihadi.

          Now many of you will be offended, saying "I have not been silent". True, but there have been no marches in the street, no combined proclamations by relgious leaders, and no expulsion from the religion for these animals. Relative silence and a lack of condemnation created a tacit green light, and an escallation of terror, in a bizzare can-you-top-this free-for-all. As if your average snuff film beheading is quickly passe....

          Brace yourself, it will get worse before it gets better. Certainly helping Bush's case...
          Boycott Venezuelas State owned Citgo.

          Buy Royal Dutch Shell gasoline!



            Don't you see that true Muslims cannot commit such acts. The algorithm is as follows:

            WHEN (Attack)

            IF (Civilian.Killed = 0)

            PRAISE (Jihadis);
            BLAME (Root_Cause);


            BLAME (Jews);
            BLAME (Enemy_Agents);
            BLAME (Root_Cause);
            BRINGUP (Conspiracy_Theory);

            END WHEN


              just a henious act, no justification for this what so ever.

              OG, now where were the rallies and condemnation when Russia was butchering chechans? Did anyone take the streets? Don't mean to diverge this thread but lets take a case closer to home, where were the protests when the revered Christian figures of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson bad mouthed Islam. Were they kicked out of christinaity for propogating a msg of hate, which goes contrary to the essence of christianity?
              Adopt me Angelina.


                Originally posted by Thap:
                Let's make no mistake after installing the stooge government in the recent elections they continued the cycle of sick violence, they are as much to blame as the rebels.
                This kind of rationalization by supposedly educated people is what's sick. If their cause is so righteous then these murdering terrorist psychos wouldn't have to hold kids hostage or blow up subways and planes.


                  yea now mr.seminole is jumping up and down on rationalizing voilence. and u left no stone unturned to justify the "wack iraqi" game..such glaring hypocrisy
                  Adopt me Angelina.


                    OG bhaijaan, should I be waiting for a fatwa from the southern Baptists to condemn the bomber pro-life jerks? I don’t want to wait till the hell freezes.

                    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Chechens are fighting a nationalistic agenda similar to what people in the past have done for centuries. Though there is no denying that their tools are horrific and they try to justify their cause in religious philosophy but it is “in” these days. Just like anything starting with ‘Freedom’ is unpatriotic to be doubted or condemned. If the educated & self pro-claimed free thinking people of US can be subject to brain washing of fairy tales like WMD & immanent threat, then these uneducated, poor, frustrated are far easy prey to the sights of heaven, virgins to express their in ground anger.
                    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
                    - Robert McCloskey


                      Originally posted by lussi:
                      yea now mr.seminole is jumping up and down on rationalizing voilence. and u left no stone unturned to justify the "wack iraqi" game..such glaring hypocrisy
                      I did no such thing, only pointed out the hypocrisy of posters like you who are oh, so offended by video games when other cultures teach hatred and violence in religous schools.


                        Originally posted by Seminole:
                        I did no such thing, only pointed out the hypocrisy of posters like you who are oh, so offended by video games when other cultures teach hatred and violence in religous schools.
                        That thread is open for everyone to see. You and OG whine all the time abt condeming voilence and not coming up with ifs and buts, but u both do the exact same when the voielnce is towards muslims.As far as religous schools are concerned take a survey of religious schools in US, those run by the revered and stauch Christians like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson or even turn to to CBN, see what they say abt Islam.
                        Adopt me Angelina.


                          Looking at the Chechens strategy it appears to be a flawed one. Using such attacks against innocent civilians including children will only bring more pain to their own and it alienates support from organizations that might otherwise be sympathetic in their fight for independence. Additionally it allows Putin with backing support to take heavy and indiscriminate actions against the Chechens.


                            ^ yeh i agree UTD. Tactics such as these are indicative of the coward-ness of these Chechens fighters. They might get short term benefits by securing the release of their fellow fighters but in the long term it turns away any sympathy they might have garnered.
                            Adopt me Angelina.


                              This is not fair, OG, Samuel type people did not let them a chance to declare that there could be design.