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Hundreds of Thousands March Against Bush in NY

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    Hundreds of Thousands March Against Bush in NY

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators toting colorful banners and shouting "no more Bush" took to the streets of New York on Sunday, the day before the Republican convention was to open, to decry the U.S.-led war in Iraq and President Bush's policies.

    "I am just burning with anger about what our country is doing," said protester Cornelius Boss, an ex-Marine from Columbus, Ohio, about Bush's foreign policy.

    Hundreds of people lay on the grass in the park and formed a massive human peace sign.

    In the march, people of all ages and demonstrating on a wide array of issues from the war, to health care, the environment and the economy, chanted, "Hey Ho, Hey Ho, Bush Has Got to Go."

    Some people say that it is not patriotic to protest but we're taking back the flag because free speech and speaking out for what you believe in is patriotic," said Shana Berger, one of 14 people carrying a large U.S. flag in the march. "We do support the troops but we want them to come home now."

    Thousands of police -- many clad in riot gear, some on bicycles, others on horseback or on foot -- monitored the large crowd. Protesters carried signs reading "Osama Loves Bush," "Bush Lies Who Dies?" and "Hate is not a Family Value."

    UFPJ march organizer Leslie Cagan told Reuters that the event had gone "very, very well" and "people have come to protest the Bush administration on very many issues, but today we were united in speaking out against the Bush agenda."

    Many held banners opposing the war in Iraq. The Bush administration said it invaded Iraq to rid Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction that threatened America's security, but no stockpiles of weapons have been found.

    "He (Bush) is ruining the country that I knew as a child growing up," said Joan Azulay, a retiree from Austin, Texas.

    One group carried 1,000 coffins as a tribute to American soldiers dead in Iraq and to highlight what they see as the true cost of the war there.
    Hundreds of Thousands March Against Bush in NY

    Bush popular guy in the states i see!

    I went to school friday and there was a whole gang of anti-Bush activists handingout flyers. I can't wait for Bush to get elected again.


      Here's a BBC report, with quotes from the protestors, on the march.

      "We have to get rid of George Bush. We can't tolerate another four years of his international or domestic policies,"
      "They hung "George Bush is the anti-Christ" signs in their window, and a cheer went up from the marchers below as they played The Beatles' song, Give Peace a Chance, from speakers propped up in their windows. "
      "But at this march, the political theme could be summed by "Anybody but Bush", even if that means electing John Kerry who voted for the war in Iraq, which they overwhelmingly oppose. "

      "She carried a sign calling for voters in swing states to vote for the "lesser of two warmongers". "
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        Disappointing Turnout for Anti-Bush March

        Organizers had hoped that a New York City protest march on Sunday against President Bush and the war in Iraq would attract up to a million participants.

        But according to official NYPD estimates, the march - staged by the radical umbrella group United for Peace and Justice and timed to coincide with the beginning of the GOP Convention - drew a relatively paltry 100,000 protesters.

        The group had obtained a city permit to march that stipulated 250,000 participants - two and a half times the number of those who actually showed up. And the NYPD was girding for a possible 400,000 marchers, with dozens of mounted police units at the ready and police vans standing by for hundreds of arrests.

        However, the march came off largely without incident, with the exception of a giant paper mache dragon costume that was torched by suspected anarchists near Madison Square Garden. reports today’s news headlines, live news stream, news videos from Americans and global readers seeking the latest in current events, politics, U.S., world news, health, finance, and more.

        Doesn't seem Bush is as unpopular as some thought!

        Peace To All Who Read This...
        If a liberal speaks and no one hears, does it still sound stupid?


          Bush popular only as a laughing stock!


            Originally posted by ak47:
            Bush popular only as a laughing stock!
            Depends where you live AK47! He's quite popular in many parts of the US! Unless you happen to be democrat or a socialist!

            Kerry's on the ropes! YEEHAHHH! The RNC will clinch re-election for Bush!

            Peace To All Who Read This!
            If a liberal speaks and no one hears, does it still sound stupid?


              Bush's polling position and approval ratings are at historically low levels. While campaiging as a "Uniter, not a divider" he has been anything but. There are far more people than democrats and socialists who think this has been one of the worst presidencies in American history. Don't get too cocky (even though that is a standard Republican trait) about these poll numbers, there is time to go. Common sense should prevail before November.


                I am just really amazed people actually vote for idiots like Bush he is complete dimwit i doubt i seen a bigger idiot since Dan Quayle!


                  Bush is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is hardly a "complete dimwit" or "idiot". His lack of public speaking skills make him look dumber than he really is.


                    Lack of communication skills being only one of his drawbacks. Poor impulse control, lack of vision, no solid moral ground, too much reliance on what people say rather than hard facts.

                    I'll have to agree he's not a complete idiot though, he managed to become the "elected" president without the majority vote, an accomplishment in and of itself.
                    "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names." - John F. Kennedy

                    "Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know
                    Someday we gonna dance with those lions
                    Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin'" - flipsyde


                      I'll agree, his list of drawbacks is long. But to dismiss him as an idiot or dimwit is wrong.


                        But the amount of support that he has from those not tied to one party or another is surprising.


                          People are afraid to change horses during times like this, especially when the GOP re-election campaign plays on that feeling every day.

                          I tell my sheepish friends that the Red Sox lost yet another World Series last year because they stuck with Pedro too long before calling in the relief pitcher. You can be the best pitcher in baseball, but when things aren't going your way it is time to call in a fresh pitcher with a stronger arm. Time for Bush to hit the showers.


                            On the other hand, Pedro is having an outstanding season this year, having won 14 games already this year, matching his total for the entire season last year. His physical health is better, and even though he has been victimized by a lot of bad defense, he looks strong going into September. He is a free agent at the end of the season.

                            So do you judge Pedro based on one inning of one game, or re-sign him based on the strength of a whole career?

                            Frankly I am not sure this applies to Bush at all, just hate sports analogies.

                            Go RED SOX!!
                            Boycott Venezuelas State owned Citgo.

                            Buy Royal Dutch Shell gasoline!


                              I just can't stand the GOP playing on the fear of terrorism especially since I feel he has made this country much more UNsafe during his term.

                              Pedro's ERA is higher than it's ever been this year, but he is looking strong of late. Go Bosox!