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The emerging fault lines for a bloody war in Iraq.

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    The emerging fault lines for a bloody war in Iraq.

    Shias are smart, they know they will win if direct elections are held. Yanks know that too, so they want to play moneky with Great Lord Sistani. Either way its very likely there will be a civil war, In case it does it is absolutely necessary for Iraqis to cut of the oil supply of the 2nd biggest oil reserves of the world. Rest latter....

    Iraq May Be Slipping Into Civil War
    Mon Feb 16, 7:56 AM ET

    By HAMZA HENDAWI, Associated Press Writer

    BAGHDAD, Iraq - Sunni politicians speak angrily of U.S. bias toward their Shiite rivals. Kurds are more outspoken in demanding self rule if not independence. And someone perhaps al-Qaida, perhaps Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) loyalists killed more than 100 people in recent suicide bombings.

    Rivalry and resentment among Iraq (news - web sites)'s ethnic and religious groups have become much more pronounced since Saddam's ouster in April. And those tensions are rising as various groups jockey for position with the approaching June 30 deadline for Iraqis to retake power

    The fault lines are emerging for a possible civil war.

    For thick skulls a pic might help.