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With Whom You Are Raja?

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    With Whom You Are Raja?

    I saw a movie on TV. The story was that a person had a five star hotel which he sold on throw away price to a buyer who was happy that he bought it very cheap. But manager of the hotel later told the new owner that the hotel was sold only because a man called “Raja” encroaching upon the hotel building had built a Chappra Hotel within the compound of 5 start hotel which despite his influence the previous owner could not get vacated. The new owner whenever talked with Raja for vacating the premises, the manager of the hotel always supported the view of Raja. Each time the new Owner enquired from the Manager being his employee was he with him or with Raja, the Manager always replied “I am with you Sir”.

    Each successive government of our told we the people that Arabs being Muslims have all supported Pakistan in all its national emergencies, in international forums and causes. Since a decade voices have often been heard from quarters that are Arabs really that much friends or supporters of Pakistan as we are told or we think of. One example in this regard is given that no Arab country has “fully in clear cut terms” ever supported Pakistan in the matter of Kashmir with as much open voice as it should be from a brother Muslim brother and these Muslim Arabs have never ever openly opposed or criticised India in same reciprocately as Pakistan openly favours them on Israeli issue. Take recent example what is happening in Kashmir at the moment. No Arab country has openly condemned India for killing of innocent Kashmiries but only just to complete formalities polite diplomatic words have been used "thee should be peace". India recently gathered all its forces to harass Pakistan, no Arab country openly in clear cut words condemned India for it but just desired through official statements that both side should concentrate on peace. Keeping silent and not supporting you in clear terms in practical term tantamounts to technically supporting the other as by not casting vote in your favour always means technically voting your opponent as benefit of your absence in technical terms goes one vote in his favour. Arab support is only limited to a small portion of financial aid. One of our very senior writer very recently stated had Arabs been really sincere in welfare of Pakistan they could had helped Pakistan through their more investments in Pakistan, more imports of products and manpower from Pakistan,

    Today while destroying the old newspapers piled up in my home I found in issues of July & August a lot of letters from readers appeared in newspapers saying how many Pakistanis there used to be in UAE some years back and today what was the position. One stated not merely number of Pakistani labour, employees and businessmen had decreased which places have been taken over by indians, even there are never any Pakistani films in cinema halls, on TV no Urdu programmes on Radio (there is one but that is in Hindi controlled by Indians). One reader from Canada stated some years back when he went to UAE he found as if he had come to Pakistan and today he find it totally different mostly indians at every places.

    Gulf Strategic Research Institute has released its report published in a Saudi Daily on 23 July 2002 saying Saudi Arabia is the largest investor in India amongst the Gulf States. According to report by end 2001 Saudis had invested Indian Rs. 8 arab (8 billions or 80 billions?) which is 25% of total Gulf investment in India. Second is UAE which had invested 7 arab Indian Rupees followed by Kuwait at Rs. 5.8 Arab and Sultanate of Oman at 5 arab (old mathematics system of sub continent lacs, arab – one arab probably equal to one billion ).

    Are you with me or Raja?

    great post, there have been attempts here in past to understand this one sided relationship with the arab countries that Pakistan strives for..
    whereas its interests may be better tied in the region.

    If there is some sort of "brotherhood" that should be depcited in actions nto mere lip service that the arab countries provide in muffled voices.

    They are watching out for their interests and place them first, why shouldn't we?
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.