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Slogan Of Arab Muslimhood - Oman Deports Pakistanis

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    Slogan Of Arab Muslimhood - Oman Deports Pakistanis

    Oman deported last month 608 Pakistanis loaded in two cargo boats who were staying there illegally. These boats were heavily overloaded and living conditions on boat as narrated by passengers were pathetic eg. there was only one life saving boat available.

    Entering or staying in a foreign country is an illegal act which in no way can be appreciated. But point is can under any international recognized law a person having entered into a country illegally or legally committing an offence/crime be sent back on “cargo boats” instead of regular airline, ship or ferry service. The deporting country can to my knowledge send such people on a regular airline claiming reimbursement of repatriation expenses through diplomatic channels. Leave our embassies lethargy towards their own nationals. Dr. Mubashar Hassan once stated that behaviour of Pakistan diplomats abroad with their own nationals was below humanity. In international press of 04.12.2003 there is a news items that due to some family problem (between a Belgian mother and Iranian father) two sisters (14 and 6 years) took refuge in Belgium Embassy in Iran as they wanted to go to Belgium to live with mother. Belgian Foreign Minister personally was aware of this matter and stated that his government was trying to solve the problem with the help of Iranian government but if need be he would personally fly to Iran for this purpose. A Foreign Minister just for two people leaving his country and in our case our Embassy does not care for 600 lives. Our Embassy appeared to had no interest with lives of hundreds for arranging flying them by airline for later recovery of the expenses from families as state debit let alone where is the money collected from overseas Pakistanis in the name of community service. On the other hand we are told Arabs are our friends, they have increased import of Pakistan labour and shown interest to accommodate more Pakistanis {practically number of Pakistanis is decreasing in Middle East].

    A letter has appeared from “affected doctor” in Daily DAWN Karachi of 15.02.2004. The Doctor says he is registered with Medical Council of Irelan. For some examination he submitted to the Council Fee etc. The Council informed me examination will be conducted both at Dublin and Ombudsman on February 11, 2004. The affected Doctor opted Omban being cheap. He alongwith many of his colleague doctors went to to Oman Embassy in Defence Phase 2 Karachi but they were even not allowed to enter the Building. For hours they like labourers or beggers were asked to wait for outside embassy for Visa Application Forms and later without any senior seening them were turned down verbally no visa can be given to them. All despite having paid examination fee lost appearance.

    This is a self explanatory example. In Middle east Pakistanis are the most badly treated and no Arab state actually cares for Pakistanis. Had these been Indian doctors, having experience of living in Middle east and knowing the mentality of Arabs I can without any hesitation say visas would had been granted to Indias “with respect”.