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Iranian plane crashes in UAE 43 killed

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    Iranian plane crashes in UAE 43 killed

    SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates : Forty-three people were killed and three survived when an Iranian plane crashed and burst into flames, narrowly missing a crowded residential area in the United Arab Emirates, said aviation officials.

    The head of Sharjah's civil aviation authority, Abdul Wahab Mohammed al-Roomi, said all the dead were on the Kish Airlines Fokker 50 twin-turboprop aircraft which had a Iranian crew of six.

    The passengers included 12 Iranians, 12 Indians, four Egyptians, two Algerians, two Filipinos, one Bangladeshi, one Cameroonian, one Nepalese, one Nigerian, one Syrian, one Sudanese and one UAE national, according to a passenger manifest Roomi said was sent by Iranian airport authorities.

    The fuselage of the Dutch-built plane, broken into several parts, smouldered in the background where emergency workers sifted through the wreckage.

    The television said there were two explosions after the plane hit the ground. It had earlier shown pictures of several bodies and dramatic footage of the burning aircraft.

    One crumpled body lay several yards (metres) from the wreck, another broken among smashed seats.

    "They will shed light on matters relating to the condition of the aircraft, maintenance record and the expertise of the pilot," said Gaith.

    UAE authorities have ruled out the possibility of an attack on the plane.

    Iranian plane crashes in UAE 43 killed

    What is up with middle east and africa all these planes crashing, the people may allah(swt) have mercy on them suffer always, the standards of the mechanics, the state of the planes some of these planes are ancient. These countries need to be held accountable if they are found to be negligent and letting these people die maybe because of a mechanical fault allah(swt) knows best!

    This is very sad. May Allah (SWT) have mercy of those souls of those who have perished in this crash.


      Iran has previously blamed the USA for some of its air crashes. A number of Iranian US-and European-built airliners need US-manufactured spare parts to remain airworthy, but the USA has embargoed sales of these products to Iran.

      The result is that Iranians are forced to fly in aircraft that are not airworthy (Iran's stock Russian-built airliners are insufficient to meet the country's air travel needs, and Russian aircraft are inherently dangerous anyway). Iran has requested the USA to end the embargo of airliner spares on humanitarian grounds, but the White House hasn't ever reacted.
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        Inna Lillah e wa Inna aleheh rajaoon.


        2 points

        1) I think that it is real bad if such parts to be used in civilian aircrafts are part of the embargo

        2) Iran should make teh right decision, if they dont have the parts and right planes, they can ground their flights and reach an agreement with some other airlines to fill that capacity and thus keep the travellers safe.
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