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Pakistan launches PAK-SAT 1

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    Pakistan launches PAK-SAT 1

    Pakistan enters space age

    ISLAMABAD, Jan 25: Pakistan entered the space age with the formal launching of Paksat-I by President Gen Pervez Musharraf at an impressive ceremony here on Saturday.

    The president emphasized that Paksat-I must serve as a link between Pakistan and the Muslim world to help the spread of knowledge.

    "I am really delighted to note that Pakistan's space programme now is a reality and our scientists must build our own indigenous satellite within three years instead of five years," he said. The president pointed out that four educational channels will aid the government to provide free education.

    The satellite hired by Pakistan was relocated at 38 degree east by the country's own space scientists. With a lifetime of five to eight years, it will mainly transmit educational programmes.

    Inaugurating the satellite, the president described it as a truly historic achievement for Pakistan and Pakistanis. "This marks a tremendous achievement demonstrating the skill and technical excellence of the country's manpower."

    "Pakistan's space programme is now ahead of India after the formal launching of Paksat-I and this is due to the hard work of our scientists and I am sure Indians would take another 30 months to do the job," Gen Musharraf claimed.

    Referring to Pakistan's achievement in information technology and communication, the president said Internet facilities were now available in 1,000 towns and cities.

    The budget for science and technology, he pointed out, had been increased by 4,000 per cent and the bandwidth rates reduced from $86,000 to $3,800 per annum. "And who does not know that there is a 50 years tax holiday for the IT sector."

    The president expressed the confidence that the present government would carry on the space and communication development programme from where it was left by the previous regime.

    APP adds: The president told the higher education commission and the education ministry to dovetail their efforts with the ministry of science and technology to project Pakistan beyond its borders.

    Pakistan launches Pak-Sat 1

    This is a good news........
    Hijar main khoon rulatay ho kahaan hotay hoo
    Loat kar koyoon nahi atay hoo kahan hotay hoo


      congratulations pakistan


        Horay !!!

        Next stop Nasa!


          I saw it in the news, the SAT is pretty slick and it has also improved the internet bandwidth
          I grow in learning as I grow in age.


            Pakistan launches Pak-Sat 1

            LAUNCHES -




                Originally posted by dhir:
                Pakistan launches Pak-Sat 1

                LAUNCHES -
                And you point is?? Please this is a Pakistani Post for Pakistani's to be proud of kindly remove your unwanted presence..
                You smelly little person with body odour problems.

                Pakistan Zindabad


                  somehow i missed that news.

                  Anyways, where was the launch pad? I never knew Pakistan had the capability to launch rockets into space. If i remember correctly, the first satellite (buder?) was launched from China???

                  anyhow, hurraaayyyyyy
                  I am not a crook!


                    > Deleted <


                      Some facts about PAK-SAT 1

                      First of all Congrats to Pakistanis in your effor to promote education in Pakistan .

                      However I noted following points in th dawn article which has the heading "Musharraf launches Paksat-I " . Lets see what Launch means

                      The satellite hired by Pakistan was relocated at 38 degree east by the country's own space scientists.

                      And Mushy has the AUDACITY to announce ( I wonder why he cannot talk anything without mentioning India) the following

                      "Pakistan's space programme is now ahead of India after the formal launching of Paksat-I and this is due to the hard work of our scientists and I am sure Indians would take another 30 months to do the job," Gen Musharraf claimed.

                      Even Dawn says Musharraf claims .. You see the point here ..

                      Pakistan's intentions are Good. However I rate Mushy as third class liar. Look at article below about PAKSAT-I. Which says even relocating at 38 degrees is done by American company and it is refurbished cheap satelite. All Musy did was pressing a button to fool the public.

                      Pakistan formally launches its satellite project
                      Business Recorder Report, 8/8/2002
                      Latest News on Business, Finance and Markets from Pakistan

                      ISLAMABAD (August 08 2002): Pakistan has decided to have another satellite, 'Pak Sat II' in space, for which preliminary work has been started. According to Dr Ata-ur-Rahman, Minister for Science and Technology, the Planning Commission is preparing the PC 1, which will be a joint venture project with a foreign firm. After approval of PC 1, the government would float international tenders for the project.

                      The minister was talking to newsmen at a dinner to celebrate the launching of implementation of purchase agreement for 'PAK SAT-I' in honour of Donald Gonzales, President of Hughes Global Services, US, which has sold its satellite to Pakistan.

                      The US company, by next April, will position the satellite at 38 degrees East, which has been allotted to Pakistan.

                      Talking to newsmen, the President of Hughes Global Services said that his teams are working on the project and he was sure that by December the satellite would be moved to the position.

                      During his one-day visit, Donald Gonzales discussed the project's details and how the company was at the job and how Pakistani engineers and experts would be involved in various jobs.

                      Under the agreement, the initial cost of the satellite would be $ 4.5 billion for the satellites whose life spans are five to seven years.

                      Dr Ata-ur-Rahman reiterated that building a satellite and positioning it costs between $ 250 and $ 280 million and its life span generally is 15 years. Pakistan could not afford it and went for the second-hand satellite with the US space firm. The satellite was first under Turkey's use and later on with Indonesia. It developed some defects and Indonesia, too, rejected the deal.

                      Donald Gonzales told the press that when he found that the satellite was available his company purchased it and made it operational. The satellite was launched in 1996 for Indonesia and later on it developed power pack problem. The satellite was leased to Turkey and on termination of the lease the ownership went to Hughes. The power pack problem persists which does not allow batteries to provide energy to the payload during eclipse period of 88 days on an average of three hours between 11 pm to 2 am. The payload is fully functional and the availability of transponder is more than 96 percent despite outages during eclipse period.

                      Gonzales said that the work on positioning moving the satellite from the present location to the allotted 38-E has been started and would be completed well before the deadline.

                      Ata-ur-Rahman hailed the agreement with the US company as the first major co-operation in hi tech field and hoped it would augur well for the bilateral relations in the scientific field would grow. He also appreciated US co-operation in some biotech projects which would be of critical importance.

                      The minister added that Pakistan would start three digital channels during the year, which would be used for educational purposes.

                      He added that the transponders in the Satellite would beam educational programmes. These would also be used for expanding Internet facilities, E commerce and other activities.