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The Truth About Mumbai Attacks and Karachi Attacks-RAW Involvement

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    The Truth About Mumbai Attacks and Karachi Attacks-RAW Involvement

    Many Indian agencies and their spokesmen and their politicians are saying and crying that Pakistan is involved in these terror attacks, ISI and Laskar-e-Tayyaba is involved in these terror attacks.

    Moreover, the indian media is also propagating against Pakistanis that we have been involved seriously in these attacks.

    Well let us realize many truths which the indians had ignored and they thought that all are fools in the world and everyone will accept the indian propaganda against Pakistan.

    First thing to realize is that if they were Islamic and Pakistani terrorists then why a terrorist shown in a picture released by American departments show that he was wearing a “KARDA” in his hands which hindus wear as it is their religious faith part and muslims do not wear that?

    The second thing to see is that if they are Islamic and Pakistani terrorists of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and ISI then why Indian agencies are so confused to hand over all of the clues to Pakistan and why India is constantly weeping and changing it’s wordings regarding terrorists? India first said immediately after attacks and without investigating that the terrorists all of them came from the ocean side from Pakistani sea ports, and then it made a U-TURN and said that some of them were living their in India since past 3 months, and the other 8 came afterwards to join the attacks. At some places India is also saying that according to the terrorists they are “DAKKAN MUJAHIDEEN”. So you all can see a constant turn around in the Indian tones and wordings. At one place you propagate that they are Pakistanis and terrorists of LASHKAR-E-TAYYABA and ISI and on the other hand you also say that they are the DAKKAN MUJAHIDEEN from DAKKAN-INDIA. Why is it so?

    On the other hand, India is also not handing over the clues of terrorism in Mumbai Attacks to Pakistan after the assurance from Pakistan to help India in investigation. and is constantly threatening Pakistan for a strict action.

    Moreover, it is also a noticeable and very important factor to see that immediately after the terror attacks in India, same type of attacks were launched at KARACHI also in the very next day in the same manner as it happened in Mumbai. And during all these incidents, the security agencies of KARACHI and the MQM’s Mayor of Karachi who was awarded as “Best Mayyor” in the world were also disappeared during all these events. So, everything is watchable and noticeable

    So, after all these, we can conclude that behind all these Mumbai and Karachi incidents, Indian Intelligence and terrorist agency Research and Analysis Wing(RAW) is involved in order to create a war like situation in Pakistan and to create tensions between India and Pakistan and to launch a full scale war against Pakistan on it’s borders.

    But after the President and Prime Minister and all Leaders of all Political Parties of Pakistan. When India saw that they are again uniting and our propaganda against Pakistan is badly failing in the world. Then suddenly, the Indian politicians changed their tone and said that we are not taking any armed action against Pakistan

    So, this is the truth which India ignores.


    Originally posted by Pak Warriors View Post
    MUMBAI attack
    It is my humble request to the thread initiator to delete such a volotile topic. You have no idea what you have written over there. Man I know what you are writing is infuriated by your media and military. I can tell you a simple thing and you would believe.
    When Asab, the lone terrorist, survivor was caught India went to UNSC to impose a ban on JuD. Pak agreed for full support and next day your PM said the JuD's chief is under seize. From that time onwards there were garbled messages about the seize of JuD's chief. Same is the case with identity of Asab. His father claims he is my son but your govt. says give proof. First Nawaj Sharif vindicated this statement but later ate his own words. You people have been offering help since late 80s and we have seen the result (especially after attack on our Parliament and assertion to act by your the then Miltary Chief cum Dictator). You people close your eyes and ask for proof!

    I can tell you an important thing - India didn't go for the military answer just because of your nuclear arsenal, all other things are excuses. Don't ever ever hand your nuclear bases to Americans!(I guess you are smart enough to understand what I mean)
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    It's God's responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations It's our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and god." -Indian Armed Forces.


      Re: The Truth About Mumbai Attacks and Karachi Attacks-RAW Involvement

      ^I agree with you. This thread is base-less.
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        o yah yah this thread is baseless and the truth is just that which india, america, nato, uk and israeli terrorist agenciz say. hoh! man. you all need some military knowledge man which u all lack very much. ehh?

        G O D B L E S S Y O U


          Re: The Truth About Mumbai Attacks and Karachi Attacks-RAW Involvement

          thread is not baseless or useless....after every terror attack these type of people come forward with a certain aim to establish some false....they very correctly collect all loopeholes existing in a democratic country and statements from the loose media....some loffar politiians make unnecessary statements to appease the minority....and ultimately these people win in misguiding their own gentry that so and so terror attack was actually not carried out by becomes history.

          what has happened that pakistan govt has agreed to take care of terror outfits existing in pakistan...after india successfully launched a campaign in other countries...a war that india is winning withou a war....a good diplomacy indeed.


            Originally posted by Captain FT View Post
            o yah yah this thread is baseless and the truth is just that which india, america, nato, uk and israeli terrorist agenciz say. hoh! man. you all need some military knowledge man which u all lack very much. ehh?

            Frankly when this thread was written on Dec 5, it was still early to say who was involved and i guess it would have been a "fair game" to blame RAW for it .... however the events of past few weeks have moved the attackers origin to Pakistan ..... a fact that even Pakistan PM agrees to .. though in not so many words

            Pak to take world into confidence on Mumbai probe: PM -

            Addressing the ground-breaking ceremony of Head Muhammad Wala bridge here, Prime Minister said that the government would not allow the use of its territory for the terrorist acts.

            So i think the mods should :lock: