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Pakistani paper says Islamabad to test new nuclear-capable missile

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    Pakistani paper says Islamabad to test new nuclear-capable missile

    Pakistani paper says Islamabad to test new nuclear-capable missile

    August 2, 2002 6:47am


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    Islamabad: According to informed sources, Pakistan has prepared one of the most forward ballistic missile systems in the world. The indigenously built Shaheen-3 missile is nuclear-capable. The missile is capable of dodging the anti-ballistic missile system which India is to acquire from Israel. Shaheen-3 is a solid fuel terminal-guided missile, which will be tested very soon. No Indian missile system is equal to this new Pakistani missile. The missile has a 25-metre accuracy rate with a range of 750 km. The engineers and scientists of National Engineering and Scientific Commission (Nescom) have evolved the system after several months of hard labour.

    Nescom had also developed the recently tested Hatf-3 missile for the Pakistan navy. The agency has started to deliver this system to the navy. The development of this system has made Pakistan's marine defence invincible.

    The five-metre-long Haft-3 missile weighs just 5,000 kg. Its light weight will help make its launching very easy from the sea. Besides enemy warships and aircraft carriers, the missile is also capable of hitting targets 150 km inside the enemy's territory. Hatf-3 is also a solid fuel terminal-guided missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. Besides, it is also capable to be used as a surface-to-surface missile.

    Source: Jang, Rawalpindi, in Urdu 1 Aug 02 p 1,7

    / BBC Monitoring

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    Did any Pakistani paper gave this news? If yes, please share it

    Usman Khalil