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Pakistan's defence is impregnable, says Dr Qadeer

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    Pakistan's defence is impregnable, says Dr Qadeer

    Pakistan's defence is impregnable, says Dr Qadeer

    Bureau Report

    PESHAWAR, May 30: Pakistan's defence is impregnable as it achieved its nuclear deterrence in 1984, said renowned scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan at the Islamia College here on Thursday.

    Dr Khan was speaking as the chief guest at a function "Adoption Day celebration" held at the Khyber Union Hall of the college.

    On the same date in 1939, Quaid-i-Azam, who had visited the college, had declared to have adopted the institution as his own. The college awards a gold medal every year on this date to a scientist or scholar of world repute. For the current year, Dr Qadeer Khan was chosen to receive the medal.

    Speaking on the occasion, he said May 30 was an important day in Pakistan's history as on the same date Pakistan tested its nuclear capability again after it decided to go nuclear on May 28, 1998, in the wake of Indian nuclear tests.

    Nobody could deny the fact that Pakistan's defence was strong and the nation had achieved its indigenous nuclear deterrence, he said, recalling that the country was capable to detonate its nuclear devices on a week's notice in 1984.

    "In 1971, when Pakistan was passing through the most crucial phases of its history, I was in Europe but could not do anything. I arrived in Pakistan in December 1974, the year when India carried out its first nuclear tests, and then never turned back," Dr Khan remarked.

    "We started work on Ghori missiles, when Benazir Bhutto was the prime minister and General Abdul Wahid was the chief of army staff. Within years, we built a long range missile, having the capability of carrying a nuclear warhead for 1,500 kilometres with 100 per cent precision," said the scientist.

    Dr Khan appreciated the role played by the people and leaders of the Frontier province in the creation of Pakistan. If it was not for the consent of the people of this province, the making of Pakistan would have been impossible, he observed.

    Mussarat Hussain Shah, Principal of the Islamia College, Peshawar, said it was due to Dr Qadeer's efforts that the Indian troops did not cross the border. "He achieved security for the entire nation. People of Dr Qadeer's calibre are born once in centuries. He is a national hero and the whole nation takes pride in him," Mussarat Shah maintained.

    Earlier, the college principal pinned the medal on the noted scientist and decorated him with the traditional turban (Lungi).

    Dr Qadeer Khan donated a grant of Rs200,000 to the college and Rs 100,000 to the Islamia Collegiate School library.

    PRIVATIZATION OPPOSED: The Islami Jamiat-i-Tulba (IJT) will mobilize the student community against the government decision to privatize the country's public-sector educational institutions and a rapid increase in admission fees.

    Speaking at a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club on Thursday, IJI Nazim-i-Aala Mohammad Naveed Anwar accused the government of deliberately allowing degeneration in the standard of the educational institutions to pave the way for their privatization.

    He warned that his organization would not give a free hand to the government to deprive millions of students of education.


    Salam all, I picked up this article while surfing through the net, thought I shared it

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    #2 thanks for sharing..