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Pakistan's working on 2nd generation advance Jet Fighter

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    Pakistan's working on 2nd generation advance Jet Fighter

    Pakistan is developing another advance jet fighter besides FC1. This project is a collaboration of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and Chengdu Aircraft Company (CAC). Various pieces of evidence indicate its finaly design is likely to feature a EF-2000 style retangular air intake (with splitting plate in the middle?), and a J-7E style double-delta wing may also be adopted. The aircraft will certainly be fitted with advanced avionics including: "glass" cockpit with color MFD, HMS, GPS/INS, air data computer, RWR, digital quadruplex FBW, digital fuel management system, new PD fire-control radar. A variety of newly developed air-to-air (e.g. AMR-1 active radar-homing AAM) and air-to-surface weapons (e.g. C-701 TV-guided ASM) are also expected to be carried under 11 hardpoints. Powered by a single AL-31F (or AL-31SM?) turbofan Engine. Some US military analysts believe that J-10 could become a serious challenge to F/A-18E in terms of maneuverability.

    Follow the link for pictures:

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      I have seen pictures of this plane, looks like the Eurofighter Typhoon, hopefully it will be just as good.

      Anyone know the date its supposed to be in service?


        FC-1 set to fly by mid next year

        China Helps Pakistan Build Jet Fighter
        Thursday, June 13, 2002
        ISLAMABAD, Pakistan Pakistan is set to test a jet fighter it is building with the help of China, the Pakistani military announced Wednesday.
        Pakistan's official news agency, Associated Press of Pakistan, quoted Air Marshal Saleem Arshad as saying that the first prototype of the Super-Seven aircraft would roll out by mid-2003.

        Pakistan has been working with China on a number of military aircraft projects since 1990, when the United States imposed an arms embargo after a dispute over Pakistan's nuclear program and blocked delivery of 32 F-16 fighters that Pakistan had already paid for.

        Project Super-Seven, formally known as FC-1, is designed to increase Pakistan's self-reliance and create the potential for an export market, the statement said.

        The project was launched in February 1992 by China Aero-Technology Import and Export Corp. The involvement of the Pakistan air force got government approval in October 1994. The Pakistani government is funding more than 50 percent of the cost, the statement said, and the price of each fighter is estimated at $20 million.

        Arshad told APP that the test flight of the new aircraft would be conducted after June next year, and it will go into production by 2005.

        The Super Seven is a lightweight, multirole, day and night, all-weather fighter with a top speed of more than one and a half times the speed of sound and a range of nearly 2,000 miles.

        The aircraft will also be fitted with an in-flight refueling probe and a deck arrester hook to allow it to land on aircraft carriers. It is designed to be fitted with a large array of weaponry, including short and medium range air-to-air missiles.

        The Pakistan air force is expected to acquire up to 200 of the fighters.

        Copyright 2002 by United Press International.

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          hey i saw those pictures!! thats an awesome jet and it looks like PAF base chaklala...

          I can see that this jet has already attracted some heat from the Indians on this forum...

          mods, u should somehow post the pictures here on this forum, it looks cool!!