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Result of INDO - PAK WAR

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    Result of INDO - PAK WAR

    What will the Result of Indo - Pak war, will there be any war at the first place????

    All Indian and Pakistani people are fighting on this web site like they will decide the result of the war on the website itself. No-one understand a bit about War but still Indian are shouting on Pakis and Paki's are barking back on Indians.

    some are even abusing each others religion.
    war of words is going on......Adding more and more hatred in already burnt indo-pak relations...

    till A few months back I use to think that actually people of india and Pakistan Do NoT hate each other..
    But Thanks to Internet , they have learnt to hate each other.....

    We all are looking forward to this war, Why, For What???

    We don't have to go to fight on the border,,, and we have not seen any missile attacks in our countaries so we do not know that pain.
    Most of us , almost all of us, have not seen any war, thats why we are waiting for this war...( like kids waiting for fireworks)..

    right now leaders of both countaries are giving empty threats, one is threating about attack other is talking about using Nuclear weapons..

    And everyone here is beliving them....

    there is no War going to happen at the first place , and even of war bearks out it will run for a few days...

    after that someone will interfare and we will cease the war and count our deads..

    few thousd deads, few thousend missing, a few hundred thousad injurd...

    and after a few years again we will be ready to fight again....

    Personally, I dont think there would be a war, if even there was a slightest chance of war, Musharraf's speech has ended that opportunity. Anyways, like the previous wars, I think this war will also be in conclusive, and will only serve to cause a disaster in the region, which has yet to recover from the devastations of the Afghan war.


      Re: Result of INDO - PAK WAR

      Pak will win this war easily.