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U.S., Pakistan Sign Defense Agreement

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    U.S., Pakistan Sign Defense Agreement,2933,45171,00.html

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan Pakistan and United States signed an agreement Saturday to enhance defense cooperation, the government announced here.

    The agreement was signed as President Pervez Musharraf was traveling to the United States for a meeting next week with President Bush and other American officials.

    Under the agreement, the United States will be able to use Pakistani facilities for joint exercises, training, deployments and other military operations.

    The United States would receive food, water, transport facilities, fuel, communications and medical services in support of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    The agreement, which provides for reciprocal support in various fields, marks a major step in enhancing military contacts between the two countries. After Pakistan tested nuclear devices in 1998, the United States imposed a variety of sanctions on Pakistan.

    Most have been lifted after Pakistan ended its support of the former Taliban regime in Afghanistan and joined the U.S.-led coalition against terrorism.

    The agreement was signed by U.S. Maj. Gen., Dennis Jackson, director of logistics for the U.S. Army, and Real Admiral Irfan Ahmad of the Pakistani Ministry of Defense.

    Military cooperation is among the topics Musharraf is expected to discuss in Washington. He took power in a 1999 military coup and remains commanding general of the Pakistani armed forces.

    The Pakistanis hope to expand cooperation in such areas as military sales and training.

    Looks like the US is there for the long run. I'm sure the support and cash flow our troops offer will be a welocme sight.

    Ex Army,

    This is what American policies r all abour. Throw some money, backing and amunitions to military dictators, and they will be urs SOBs.

    And then they ask why do they hate us?


      Pakistan must never forget 1965.

      Having been persuaded by the US to be dependent on American weapons since the 1950s, Pakistan was invaded by India and the first thing the US did..... was slap an arms embargo on Pakistan.

      Our country found itself betrayed by the United States of America, and unable to obtain replacements, spare parts and above all ammunition.

      It was only the bravery and sheer determination of the Pakistani soldier, and above all by the will of Allah, that we were able to fight back after being pushed onto our knees. Inch by bloody inch, the Indian army was pushed back despite supply shortages on the Pakistani side.

      Musharraf himself was decorated in that war, when he single-handedly rescued valuable crates of ammunition from a burning artillery position after his men fled in fear.

      By the time the war ended, Pakistan had under a week's worth of supplies left - the knife that the United States stabbed into Pakistan's back very nearly cost our nation dearly.

      I hope and pray that Pakistan will minimise military ties with America simply to those war materials it cannot obtain from other sources, to avoid a repitition of the treachery of 1965.
      Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


        Bush asked for more in defense assistance but Congress cut him back some. It is a shame that the emphasis was put on arms in a sense. I realize from Pak perspective would be focused on the immediate shut down of all aid, but for America, there could have been more to it. Vietnam was escalating then. China threatened to interfere in this conflict. It could have made south Asia a real flaming mess. The US should have kept in mind the help extended to it up to '65. I heard the present administration laud your Air Force's capability, recently. Pakistan does have a certain amount of respect, it would seem. Our F86's and F104's did work for you against the Vampires and Hawkers. The bombing of cities was not too decent. It is not humane conduct in war and should be avoided if possible.