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Pakistan Destroys Four Indian Posts

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    Pakistan Destroys Four Indian Posts

    There should not be any doubt that Pakistan means business and will be not be intimidated by the Indian military built-up along its borders. Pakistan is not Palestine or Afghanistan; incapable of defending itself, and RSS thugs in power should think deep and hard before launching any idiotic move. For any pre-emptive attack by India, there will be a hard hitting response by Pakistan.

    ISLAMABAD, Dec 23: In response to heavy Indian troops buildup monitored on Rajasthan, Sindh and central Punjab borders, leave of absence of all the defence personnel have been cancelled as part of an "appropriate" defence measure, an official source said.

    All the defence personnel on leave have been directed to report for duty at the earliest, an action taken to face any eventuality, the source said.

    Reports reaching here speak of movement of heavy defence equipment towards border areas.

    A spokesman for the Inter-Services Public Relations, when contacted to comment on Indian troops buildup, said they were closely monitoring the situation and had already taken all the "appropriate measures."

    The Indian army was concentrating troops in Rajasthan, Sindh and central Punjab, a manoeuvre which the government had already condemned, he said.

    Indian Prime Minister Attal Behari Vajpayee had announced that New Delhi would not exercise the option of war. This declaration notwithstanding, the Indian army was amassing its troops along its western borders.

    Besides the military build-up on the international border, the tension on the Line of Control dividing Kashmir was also mounting. Pakistan has already redeployed its troops on the LoC, which had been unilaterally withdrawn by the government last year as part of its policy of "maximum restraint" aimed at normalisation of relations with India.

    An ISPR spokesman disclosed that the intensity of skirmishes between the two armies on the LoC had increased significantly over the past few weeks. He disclosed that Indian army resorted to unprovoked firing at the civilian population in Poonch and Rawala Kot sectors at 8:30am on Sunday morning.

    Indian army used artillery guns, heavy and light mortars, in the firing, which continued for well over an hour but no causality was reported, he said.

    Pakistani troops retaliated and destroyed four enemy posts, causing heavy damage, he said. Fire broke out at one of the posts, which raged for hours and could be seen from far-off areas, he added.

    Defence sources, however, said that the causalities at the Combined Military Hospital, Rawala Kot, had risen significantly. On average, four to five casualties were being reported daily, something which was not a routine, the source said.

    Pakistan army, for the first time since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, is faced with a double border situation, and a significant number of troops and military assets have recently been deployed at the Durand Line, particularly in the southern NWFP, close to Tora Bora range, to check any possible infiltration.

    In the border areas, US troops were closely working with the Pakistani army for monitoring the movement of Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters fleeing from Tora Bora.

    Also reported by

    .c Kyodo News Service

    ISLAMABAD, Dec. 24 (Kyodo) - Pakistani troops destroyed several bunkers of the Indian army in the Poonch and Rawala Kot sectors of the Line of Control (LOC) in disputed Kashmir on Sunday, Pakistan Television (PTV) reported.

    It quoted a Defense Ministry spokesman as saying Pakistani troops were retaliating after Indian forces shelled Pakistani positions in the area using light and heavy artillery.

    The spokesman said Pakistani troops destroyed at least four heavily built concrete bunkers and several small bunkers. An Indian army ammunition depot caught fire, which was brought under control after several hours, he said.

    Pakistani troops also reacted to Indian artillery fire on the working boundary between the international boundary and LOC, inflicting physical damage and casualties on the Indian side, PTV reported.

    Tension between Pakistani and Indian troops has been mounting since a terrorist attack on the Indian parliament in New Delhi, which India has blamed on Kashmiri militant organizations operating out of Pakistan.

    Meanwhile, Pakistan's Foreign Office protested Sunday to India over what it said was the illegal detention and torture of Mohammad Sharif, an employee of the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi on Saturday.

    A statement issued by the Foreign Office said that Sharif was picked up while shopping and during interrogation stripped naked, severely beaten and tortured, resulting in visible and internal injuries.

    He was released after five hours only when he signed under duress a statement acknowledging involvement in espionage, the office said.

    AP-NY-12-23-01 1728EST


      Pak would be wiped out if it uses nuclear bomb: BJP
      New Delhi, December 24

      BJP President Jana Krishnamurthy on Monday warned Pakistan that it would be completely wiped out if it used the nuclear bomb against India.
      "We will not be the first to use the nuclear weapon, but if it is used against us by Pakistan, its existence itself would be wiped out of the world map," he said in an interview to a private TV channel.

      Stating that in such an eventuality, India has enough capability to ensure that Pakistan's existence itself would end, he said no other nation would be able to intervene.

      Recalling that no nation in recent years had used nuclear weapons, he said Islamabad also knew that if it committed the audacity of using nuclear option against New Delhi, it faced total extinction.


        JAMMU, India (Reuters) - An Indian defense official said on Monday troops destroyed a dozen Pakistani bunkers in an exchange of fire between the neighbors after they strengthened their positions on either side of their border in Kashmir (news - web sites).

        Tensions between the two nuclear rivals have been running high since a December 13 suicide attack on the Indian parliament which killed 14 people, including the five assailants.

        India has blamed the attack on two Pakistan-based militant groups. Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said he will act against the groups if he has evidence of their involvement.

        ``Between eight and 10 enemy bunkers were destroyed in retaliatory fire by our troops across the Line of Control in Poonch sector while two other bunkers were smashed in Samba sub sector late on Sunday,'' the senior defense official told Reuters.

        Three people were killed in weekend exchanges of fire across the border in disputed Kashmir, India's only Muslim-majority state and the trigger for two wars between the traditional foes.

        Both sides say they are responding to a build-up of forces by the other side after the parliament raid.

        Indian Border Security Force (BSF) officials said India had also stepped up security on its eastern border with Bangladesh to prevent Pakistan sending militants through the porous frontier.

        ``We have increased patrolling and vigil on the West Bengal border with Bangladesh after the attack on parliament to prevent the possibility of Pakistan sending in saboteurs, subversives and communal troublemakers into West Bengal,'' S.B. Kakati, inspector-general with the Border Security Force (BSF), said.

        Another BSF official in the northeastern Indian state of Assam also said security forces had increased their vigil to ''stop the possible entry of militants, backed by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence.''

        ``Our security personnel have been put on maximum alert,'' he said.


          Originally posted by rvikz:
          Pak would be wiped out if it uses nuclear bomb: BJP
          New Delhi, December 24

          Thats Lol
          BTW if paks use Nuclear weapons, they Will not be fool enough to wait for retaliation.
          They will use in full force to wipe India out of the map before it can think of wiping it of map.

          BTW its not Pakistan who has intentions like that, its Fascist BJP which tries to mislead its ignorant folk as well world.

          Its Indians who R losing sanity at this moment





              You still here, its christmas in S.Asia lets move it to new year.

              Have a nice xmas and new year..



                Two Indian soldiers have been killed as India and Pakistan exchanged mortar and heavy machinegun fire across their border in Kashmir, and Indian officials said hundreds of scared civilians fled the area.

                India's recalled ambassador to Pakistan said on Tuesday he did not rule out war between Islamabad and New Delhi, but added the situation was not irretrievable and there was still time for the nuclear-armed rivals to step back.

                Officials said the two Indian army soldiers were killed and two people, including a woman, were wounded in the exchanges late on Monday in the Samba sector of the disputed northern state.

                Indian dreams of wiping out Pakistan will remain exactly what it is: A Dream.

                Push Pakistan in a corner at your own peril, wiping out Pakistan will mean no Inida either. While not advocating mass killing on either side of the border, do the Indians really think that if Pakistan is faced with a wipeout they will just sit around. Think again, nuclear weapons are devastating and Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta are heavily populated centre. It will be well worth remembering that. Even the extremist government of India realises that.

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                  The Indians know that musharraf is weak right now cuz of the afghani situation and they're taking advantage of the fact that a good percentage of the military is deployed at the border.

                  Skirmishes at the border have happened before and they've lead to absolutely nothing. Yet, this situation gives me the creeps.

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                  I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.


           If the already indians are taking military advice from the president of a political party and that too, a hopeless right wing party that is all talk and no walk, then Pakistan should be even more relaxed than it is right now.

                    You obviously do not have a clue what a nuclear weapon can do rivzk or whatever your name is.

                    When Pakistan gives a go to use the nuclear weapons - the lot of you would already be in hell before you know it. And it would be you losers who would be wiped out of the map - which will also solve the worlds population and pollution problems as well.

                    Pakistan will use the nuclear weapons it we need too.We didnt develop them to keep them in cold storage - we developed them to deal with like you.

                    Strike 3 and you're out - you have one life line left - use it well or end up in hell.

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                      Pipedream - what have you indians been smoking??
                      If India attacks and the West does nothing esp. the US, all those Al-Qaeda and Taliban will all of a sudden escape and run away.
                      And the pakistani govt can't do anything when that happens as it is fighting India.
                      Who do you indians think - the west cares about more?
                      The Al-Qaeda network?
                      Or India???

                      Ours is not to reason why;
                      Ours is but to do and die
                      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                        We all saw Indian pipe dreams in action in Kargil, a conflict which still haunts the Indian psyche even today. Then we saw earlier this year how the Indian's received a Kargil-like humiliation at the hands of those plucky Bangla soldiers when 18 Indian soldiers were killed trying to encroach into Bangla. At Kargil and in Bangla the Indian military was caught napping and received befitting replies.


                          Yes the Indian army is a disgrace.
                          It is losing to a weaker army in Bangla and has over 1/3 of its military to stop an Indeginious - sp? - uprising in Kashmir.

                          Ours is not to reason why;
                          Ours is but to do and die
                          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



                            Pakistanis are a happy-go-lucky type of people we tend to be relaxed and chillers, but what u ABSOLUTELY never do is piss a Pakistani off. <result> all friggin hell breaks loose.

                            We are being put in a corner like a cornered tiger, that mean be AFRAID very AFRAID !!!!

                            PAK FAUJJ ZINDABAD
                            PAKISTAN PAINDABAD


                              Combination of practical realism and a norms of civilized behaviour and a
                              touch of outdated chivalry. Had these 'brave' 95000 Pakistani men and
                              officers been stripped of their arms & handed over to E.Bengalis in a war
                              torn lawless and chaotic conditions, they woould have fleeced alive by
                              E.Bengalis for crimes committed on their former fellow citizens and Muslim
                              brethren and probably precipitating messacre of Bengalis in the West. Then
                              India would have been blamed as sole architect of this tragedy. According
                              to Gen. Arora,Indian Army honestly believed that it was wrong to mistreat
                              and humilate POWse wrote last year that he made
                              sure POWs carried weapons right upto Indian border, given exactly the same
                              food Indian guards ate and also be treated well in the camps. Yet some of the behaviour of Pak soldiers towards captured Indian soldiers
                              was barbaric. There was a case of an Indian forward artillery
                              fire-director being capatured and blinded on the spot with a bayonet.
                              Anyway, I never seen in the annals of wars display of such a cowardice and
                              masive surrender by so many men and officers. It was simply disgraceful.
                              What a difference between shooting unarmed civilians and an armed enemy!